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  1. Cedar Fair have seriously impressed me with these announcements today, who cares if its a clone, the colours are so much better on this! Along with really strong themeing and another great looking train
  2. ^It really is stunning, this and the GCI together are perfect!
  3. It looks incredible, lots of airtime! Loving those trains as well
  4. ^I don't see a problem with that, what were you expecting? Plus they look awesome, especially Lumberjack, which is pretty nicely themed!
  5. Love the look of this, Vekoma are still doing some very impressive stuff!
  6. I'm not sure that the big dipper cars would fit in that station. My bets still on an extreme spinning coaster
  7. That drop out of the station is very, very impressive. I certainly wasn't expecting something that steep
  8. This seriously looks to be very impressive, I really didn't expect the first raptor to look like that!
  9. ^I definitely think those TV's are going to be showing some promotional material, going to be very interesting to see
  10. I can't believe it's even being discussed, another relocation that's never going to happen to Valleyfair
  11. I would say this is impossible to be the reason for this, the operator could press the emergency stop at any point during the ride and it wouldn't just stop dead. It would still have to slow down until it comes to a complete stop. Emergency stops aren't block brakes that I know of. Id also say, as others have, that we can rule out anything to do with the floor based on the lack of damage to the rest of the ride and floor itself and on top of that I'm sure an operator cannot just raise a ride floor while it is in motion, the system should stop this. I'd say this is catastrophic failure of the ride arm due to metal fatigue
  12. ^That wording is just a way for the park to big up the announcement and create a buzz, good marketing technique that's all
  13. My bets are definitely on an extreme spinning coaster using trains similar to the ones they tried on Blue Fire a while back
  14. ^You're looking too far into that, all it means is when the train exits the lift hill, it rotates along with the track into the flying position from laying backwards. More than likely has nothing to do with this project or Phantasialand's
  15. This just looks incredible, cannot wait to see the lift hill done!
  16. ^In a normal situation this would be an overreaction, but you've got to think that Merlin/Alton have to keep a perfect safety record after The Smiler accident in order to gain a lot of the public's trust, so this makes sense after what happened at Drayton. I guess they're trying to make sure that there's no possibility of a serious incident happening on park at all again, hence why a lot of fences around their rides have also been made higher or new ones added and quite a lot of safety related changes made.
  17. ^Well that isn't even slightly true, it's definitely been promoted as a theme park attraction. When they recently promoted it, it was promoted as being perfect for small theme parks or any with small space
  18. ^It's definitely getting very exciting now, looking forward to seeing what that lift hill ends up looking like with it changing angles on the plans
  19. ^It's been rumoured for ages though that it'll be an extreme spinning coaster with possible inversions and not just a normal spinner
  20. ^^That was just a rumour though. Many, many times has it been said that Six Flags had exclusive rights to RMC's, I believe this did not turn out to be true at all, and it's likely what you said there isn't either. There's no reason why Cedar Fair would now have some rights stopping Six Flags specifically building RMC's
  21. (consider how much Merlin lost daily when Smiler was closed yet they survived) To be fair, with this one Merlin and Alton were never going to not survive judging on the fact that they are a humongous company
  22. ^This coaster just becomes more and more impressive in every update!
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