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  1. ^^This years Thorpe map is also terrible, i totally agree with what was said about them being an eye sore. There's too much going on and if you were actually using them to navigate you'd be in trouble!
  2. Not going to lie that does not look impressive at all, there's just nothing to it. Might be different on ride though i suppose.
  3. ^Well that's very interesting, i definitely thought it would be part of Mutiny Bay!
  4. ^It's definitely not the massive loop people were expecting that's for sure, no doubt it'll be incredibly intense like that!
  5. ^Really, really hope that doesn't end up being the name
  6. Just seen on Facebook that the accelerators name has been revealed as Red Force, interesting choice!
  7. ^That looks fantastic, i just think its such a shame that in every picture i see of the park it seems to look so empty!
  8. That looks awesome so far, looking forward to seeing some more!
  9. ^Wow, that's one of the best looking cars I've ever seen! Gerstlauer Infinities are always so impressive.
  10. They've gone a bit mad with the roll style inversions on that haven't they!
  11. It seems some of those videos we're uploaded by accident since some of them have now been taken down. The dive coaster has gone, and then there is the Linnanmäki coaster and the last one is the LSM single family launch which apparently seemed to depict Drayton Manor!
  12. Are the restraints seriously only held in place via that belt? if they are, then that's very, very shocking.
  13. They really are cramming that coaster into a small space aren't they!
  14. ^I don't believe that you can just drive straight into the lot, i know the guy did but that doesn't mean he was supposed to.
  15. ^Seems very unlikely, i doubt that they'd have track and supports already produced at this point.
  16. ^I've seen pictures on other sites and pretty much the whole layout is like that, its shaped atrociously
  17. ^It didn't, and Thorpe have confirmed that it won't be opening this season either.
  18. No, that's referring to the Vortex to Patriot floorless conversion for this year.
  19. ^^Thanks for the pictures, i'm amazed by the train on the Infinity Coaster!
  20. ^Just as most of us thought! I really like the name Electric Eel that they've gone for!
  21. In no way at all, aside from the track style, which is slighty different anyway
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