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  1. Probably says something that the official issue (and the presentation) lists Untamed under "Walibi Belgium"
  2. Advice needed, I've been to the park twice but I can't remember for the life of me if any of the rides had bins to put backpacks etc. in. I'm going in a couple days and I won't lie, not super excited about the prospect of paying almost 3€ at each opening of a locker.
  3. The TV ad is up on the official channel! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. I'm pretty certain the only operating Topple Tower left is El Volador at Bellewaerde
  5. I don't think there was a lot of pre-announcement, it feels like it came out of nowhere because checking the website for a while it seemed there never was a date (I think the date came out on the 17th so the day before yesterday only) but anyway, Colossos opened today!
  6. I mean ideally I'll be going to both Haven't done either, just have no idea how busy either of them are really around this time of year, never been to Germany before.
  7. I'm going to Hamburg for a week in about a month around mid to late may, can anyone testify as to how busy the park might be around 14-21 of May? I'd like to go (hoping Colossos could just maybe open by then) the park seems to be open an hour longer on the weekend in that period but if it's significantly busier than the weekdays then there's no benefit.
  8. I really like the (what seems to be) "lengthwise" layout instead of the twisting over itself layout that's typical for these, looks fun!
  9. I'm fully expecting another overpriced walkthrough or some other "groundbreaking experience" or something that won't have full actors 80% of the time and will be closed after like 3 years
  10. Iirc specifically it's because Takabisha uniquely for Gerstlauer (along with FV Novgorod, also OTSR) uses both a launch system and a lift system so the underside of the already small train is being taken up by the hardware for both so a lapbar system wouldn't fit. So fitting everything in would require reconfiguring/redesigning the clone for the infinity coaster style with which lift+launch combo should be possible with lapbars if Mystic at Walibi RA is to have them. (assuming this is because the infinity coaster doesn't use friction brakes or traditional anti-rollback)
  11. The park's newsletter included a little advent calendar door with this behind it:
  12. The park has now released the full nolimits POV, although it has a couple filters slapped on top. This video was shown in the park's 4d cinema during the light carnival.
  13. Cool for more GCI and more destinations and reasons to visit poland but...
  14. ^^ They did also make a three carriage version, if that was possible again with the 8 seat gondolas the capacity would be still bad but at least better [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Not sure where they'd shove a ride like this but Gröna more than anyone would probably find a way to put a HUSS Jump2 somewhere if they wanted to EDIT: ^ I don't spot any changes to the layout itself but mainly to the support structure
  15. Introducing: Twisted Apocalypse; ride the "all new" coaster now at Six Flags America... do you dare to sit down? alternatively: a 2ft taller model of the tourbillon marketed as the biggest ride of it's kind in the world
  16. Great report to the point But holy The theming on that new Shake ride?
  17. Hm that's really unfortunate cause after school starts then the park opens only at 15:00 so I couldn't go, unless I went on a weekend and well crowds would be present nevertheless. I should try seeing if I could go on a gloomier day if those are on the horizon, thanks!
  18. I need help from any locals or frequent visitors to the park, I'm planning on going to Sweden so that I'll be in Gröna Lund for about 5 hours on the 14th of August (about 11:00 to 16:00), can anyone tell me if it would be terribly busy or could I do all the big rides (coasters, towers, funhouse, blå tåget, maybe like one flat) in that time? I've gone there two times, the other time I could easily do everything I wanted in that time (june) but last time I went in september even though the website said there might be less people the place was packed and most rides had waits of up to 40 minutes (except strangely jetline)
  19. What's so "prototype-ish" about this ride? While it's more of a "regular looping coaster" it's still a first for S&S and Merlin's Mayhem is possibly the furthest thing from a prototype but it still had it's issues, not even mentioning galeforce which at the end of the day is just a launch coaster
  20. I'm having a hard time figuring out what kind of coaster it is from those pictures but looking forward to a 2022 opening after delays, track misalignments and two full retracks
  21. Wait... It's a suspended swinging coaster? From intamin? What realm is this
  22. Are you seriously on TPR out of all places expecting to be free of seeing any information relating to new coasters before official announcements? There are countless people on this forum who spend so much of their time speculating, theorizing and trying to figure out details on the new rides and spilling whatever beans they have. And in any case, people can read (or listen to) the info or not it's not forced upon them because it's in a separate video that doesn't play automatically. Some people are just curious and like knowing about this stuff early because it brings them satisfaction, excitement whatever it's their own thing but you don't have to click on a (judging by title) clearly spoilery video.
  23. More lapbar versions of the gyro swing is always a good thing
  24. I did notice that interestingly Zamperla changed the design of the arm itself for this one, on all the other instances of the Giant Discovery the arm is a constant width tube but this one has that HUSS-style tapering box structure
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