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  1. Vilda Musens track has been painted gold for this year, and a portion of the support structure has been repainted as well in the light blue with some added gold stripes and the grid support for Vilda Musen above the walkway has been painted black/brown for some reason
  2. ^^^ Wait why does Delirious have those two panels on the "top"/opposite of the gondola on the ring, I don't recall seeing those on any other larson loopers?
  3. They also did it with Coaster through the clouds so maybe they did it to avoid the sag? Since I305's lift hill has started to sag from the middle pretty significantly and maybe that's undesirable
  4. The news article says it'll be the fastest coaster in northern europe which is just really bad fact checking considering wildfire is plenty faster Also: - New VR film for Linnunrata - New restaurants including a sweet & savory waffle place - Temporary Vekkula replacement until 2021
  5. Well see that's just the most convenient way to market new rides for 2019 and 2020
  6. No doubt about it eventually land and money will end, and yeah I'd imagine that Poland's government would willingly support such a big tourist attraction. I mean I live in Finland and have never even considered stopping by Poland but with Energylandia there I'm already planning a trip so clearly it works. But I imagine Energylandia is also very profitable because Poland is a country with a population bigger than Canada's on a landmass 40 times smaller and thus far the only real amusement park they've had was Legendia with an old Soquet looper, a cyclon and some fair rides so the market was pretty much completely open. Besides it's possible they spend all their profits because we know for a fact that even smaller scale theme/amusement parks gather millions in profits a year to spare of which only some is used for future improvements.
  7. The official Efteling youtube channel uploaded an onride pov: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. Reputable partner? Isn't Sansei the company that managed to make a garbage coaster that had a failing rollback system first day of operation and since partnering with S&S has had S&S projects significantly delayed multiple times now?
  9. Judging by the pics it looks like the previous style had way too much extra steel, plus there was no support in the centre of the tie like in the new one. I'm sure it's just cost saving/more efficient. But then again I'm no engineer so I'm just guessing.
  10. Talocan probably won't be closed anytime soon I'm guessing because as far as I know it's not that unreliable and it's the newer model. Also probably Phantasialand holds it in pretty high regard, it is one of the most iconic flatrides ever. A lot of Top Spins are closing for basically cost saving reasons, some of them turn out a bit unreliable and as with most HUSS rides they devour electricity like I devour a buffet table so it's easy for a lot of parks to just say hell with this and replace it with like a superloop or something else cheap. For example my (2nd) home park Linnanmäki has a 1995 classic Top Spin and on any given day it might spend up to 1-3 hours non operational so if that's happening at more parks they probably see it easier to just get rid of it. Off topic on the note of HUSS rides, they apparently sell the topple tower again.
  11. Who would've thought that one of the most exciting 2019 projects would be coming to my second home park
  12. ^ Great news! Btw is there seriously no news on FLY at all? I'm thirsty for some leaks or even outside the park pics
  13. This whole thing is so exciting. A relatively big (for linnanmäki) plot for Intamin (most likely) to play with to make Finland's tallest and fastest roller coaster to add to Finland's big 4 coasters (Tornado, Junker, Thunderbird, Vuoristorata, of which I can't get to 2 because Powerpark is too far to go to without staying overnight and I can't afford 150€ a night just to sleep) And I mean come on if it is Intamin it has a high likelyhood of becoming a coaster to be talked of even abroad! I can't wait! I'm just hoping they add some theming to the ride like they did with Salama in 2008 with the scenery pieces along the ride + slightly themed queue/station. As long as the theming is better than in their last coaster addition Ukko.
  14. I doubt it but mainly because the track is pretty narrow for a Gerst. (Assuming the rendition is to be trusted) Gerstlauer track is significantly wider than Intamin or Mack track. The support style does remind me a lot of Mack's support style but if it were up to me I would certainly rather have an Intamin
  15. Well, what is better then? Saying this is lots of wood and statue is unfair. Even the statue itself is actually neat, but the big part of theming here are the effects too. All together, it works perfectly and I think this indeed is the best themed ride Merlin has. Yep and if you look at the walkthrough videos on youtube of the queueline the area in general looks great, sure it's a lot of wood if you look at it like that but the fencing is theme specific, the lighting is theme specific and that is one terrific centerpiece. Most other merlin coasters only have slight theming in the station or generic queues, and this not only has a themed station and queue but also has theming throughout the ride.
  16. Don't forget merlin's mayhem and and twist coaster robin (Which yes was sansei mainly but they've been one company for a while)
  17. Good. That ride was trash. If only they also got rid of Tulireki and replaced it with either A: a new flat or B: an extra element or two for the new coaster or C: Really anything else except Tulireki
  18. That curve looks like it has one missing support in a weird way
  19. It's a huge step up. X as it has been for the past few years has been a shadow of it's past glory, the thing that made the ride unique back before 2013 was the dramatic music, whole ride going backwards in the dark and the fakeout stops. After its last renovation it was just a roller skater inside a nightclub.
  20. Oh come on I get that it's ideal to keep queues tight when it's such a popular park but please at least disable it in the off peak season. I obviously couldn't say without going there first and experiencing but something tells me it's much less fun to have to plan out your day rather than just go there and join whichever queue you feel like, especially with a park as big as efteling where walking from ride to ride takes on average 5-15 minutes so you'd have to hang around whatever ride you reserved for.
  21. Sadly they very much look like stickers, although it would be really cool if they were actual lights
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