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  1. I love the front car design but as a geek on the technology itself i'm very interested to see what kind of brakes those little blocks on the track are.
  2. Oh come on they're just shoulder straps it's not like they're shoving 90's SLC restraints on them
  3. Things that are sexy about this: - The logo - The trains - That sick twisted loop shape
  4. I'm glad to see the new theming! The park looks so much nicer with all of it, especially the entrance area and some of the rethemed flats. Glad to be going there soon. It's Socquet, a french ride manufacturer.
  5. No single riders in backseats? What kind of policy is that and why? Anyway a really fun to read report! Didn't get bored reading and lots of insight on what the park is like.
  6. It's just one of those theme and aesthetic things that some people care about and some people don't. Some people need high quality headphones, some people are fine with 10$ earbuds. Some people don't care what colour car they drive, some people want specifically this shade of green. We could go on and on but it's just the whole people are different yada yada thing.
  7. Mack and Vekoma are right now the main reasons I still am a coaster fan. They're the innovators of the current moment. (Also rmc but I haven't ridden one so...)
  8. RMC tracks have those bolts on both sides of the rail but the wheels only touch the centre
  9. This is just me but surely intamin has made worse rides than the half pipe. Yes they're repetitive and barely count as coasters but at least they're not rough, jolty or uncomfortable.
  10. Oh don't worry, you don't need to fear about Thorpe getting a coaster. Knowing Thorpe they're most likely going to hype some brand new never seen before attraction that costs double the price of a good coaster and ends up not really working, opening late and getting closed 3 years later.
  11. I was thinking of going like on basically the first days cause I want to spend the christmas month at home, so if it's empty then, that's perfect! You see the longest line i've ever waited for a ride was 40 minutes for Colossus at thorpe park in 2012, and that was bearable only cause I was with a friend. I typically plan everything onto empty days
  12. Hey actually can someone tell me what rides are closed during Wintertraum and actually how different Phantasialand is during Wintertraum? (also is it very busy?) I've been thinking of going somewhere this november and if all their big rides are open during Wintertraum I'd probably go there. And I don't mind cooler weather I live in Finland.
  13. Hmm... If Matamba is significantly cheaper than Ling Bao then the "not much to do" probably doesn't matter since after spending all day at the park I'd probably be too tired to do anything else at the hotel anymore. But is it cheaper?
  14. Same, I can't decide between two things it's my worst enemy
  15. IIK!WEEK (eekweek) Is coming back for 2017 The very succesful horror fest type deal at Linnanmäki will be recreated this year, and they've learned from some mistakes, and added new stuff. - The horror maze is different and this time the capacity is higher so the queue won't hit 2 hours. - A hay maze for kids - Live horror show "A clown and his cursed ventriliquist doll" - Down in the coaster-valley area (where Tulireki and Vonkaputous reside) there'll be something described as "Castlehill horror village" with "plague ridden villagers and the walking dead", I'd assume this means it's some form of a scarezone. - One of the cafés will be serving magical broths, and other horror-fantasy themed foods. - Scaring school for young kids Otherwise everything else is the same as last year - Horror themed VR in Linnunrata - Kyöpelinvuoren hotelli with live actors (witches) - Taikasirkus with a "corrupted" theme and live actors (clowns) - Clowns chasing you in the "dodgems" - Riding Kingi droptower blindfolded + new for this year modified queue with dungeon theming - Kammokuja with lights off, live actors, you only have a lantern
  16. Restraint checks. I've watched them through half a dozen cycles in one day and most of the time was spent doing that. On a slower day they'd have 1 employee (maybe 2) operating the entire ride. 3 minutes of restraint checks? Must be very unenthusiastic workers but 1 employee would explain a lot
  17. When that ride first opened, everyone was complaining how short the ride cycle is. Now that it increased, people are starting to complain how long it is? There really is no satisfying people. Im sure it's not just that the ridecycle itself is long, the issue clearly is that there's absolutely no way a flat this easily manageable should take 6 minutes to do a full cycle including unloading and loading. What are the ops doing for like 3 minutes during loading?
  18. Close to a year later, just remembered this thing exists and found an onride video Looks like a fun experience suitable for a small park or an upcharge attraction at some other kind of park besides theme/amusement (idk what theyre called)
  19. As long as none of them are "golden lasso coaster" again
  20. If you really desperately wanna ride one there's still one in Finland gets you wetter than a shower [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] (someone confirm if it's the same type, doesn't have the free flume part but the trains look otherwise the same?)
  21. This coaster excites me, but that's the sad thing, cause I don't have any will to go back to Alton towers until they add a couple flats and make it just generally a nicer place to be. Because besides possibly this and Nemesis the park doesn't have any standout attractions that you have to go to Alton towers specifically for and just a few coasters doesn't make me want to spend a whole day at a park anyway, but it would be nice if they spent money on making the park a bit less "british" (In the sense that the park generally feels like just a "park" not a theme park in many areas) and more atmospheric. TL;DR Positive about the new coaster but I feel the park needs many other improvements besides just a coaster
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