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  1. Besides it's not like Pirate/Viking ships are much of an experience unless you bring in the extra fun from having a little bit of a competition
  2. Off topic but why are there two police officers in the picture?
  3. When you go on a plane you should expect it to maybe crash into a mountain range or get hijacked, you know the risks when you board! People have to use their judgement... why do i feel this guy has some personal vendetta against amusement rides or something
  4. I cannot imagine the absolute terror everyone on ride must've felt. This is such a freak accident and I would've never expected to see this happen. Thoughts out to everyone involved.
  5. Considering most coasters CP has added have been added mostly in the spirit of adding something visually impressive/record breaking I imagine a huge RMC can easily squeeze into the parks top 2 coasters
  6. Banshee isn't a dumb name, the point was if a park outside the anglosphere named their coaster "Banshee" it'd be dumb. Also learn to edit your replies so that you dont double post every time. How's the high horse btw? Is the saddle comfortable?
  7. Oh come on Imagine if Six Flags named a coaster "Ikiturso" or something and we couldn't call it dumb no matter how ridiculous it sounds to an americans ears just because "It's not a dumb name cause it's from finnish mythology" like no, it's still an overly hard to write and pronounce name for a GP just like Valravn or Rougarou. You sure have been busy in the few days you've been here haven't you. EDIT: Imagine being from some non-anglo country and your home park naming a coaster "Banshee" it just doesn't make any sense.
  8. Any idea who made these ships? I'm kinda interested as a flat enthusiast
  9. Nice update! I never realized this was another one of those "messed up hopkins looper" parks. The drop tower is a moser rides tower btw
  10. I haven't ridden Impulse myself but if by similar coasters you mean eurofighters, yeah I'd like to see more of these Zierer tower coasters around since they offer similiar experiences to eurofighters but with no gerst-ache
  11. ^^ O boy. I didn't even notice before but not only is this basically a new ride from mondial in the sense that it's bigger than a typical top scan, also instead of basically the whole ride raising up and tilting when the ride starts, only the part connected to the arm itself does. No wonder it has issues.
  12. I would probably try to get the credit otherwise but I was on it two years ago so I already got the credit. Surprisingly smooth for an old vekoma, too.
  13. I think you mean first multilooper or largest steel coaster?
  14. I never trust these after going to Gröna lund once when they said it should be an empty day The queue for the wild mouse was an hour and the funhouse was an hour 20 minutes No but really I looked on the website and if I have to miss python and fatamorgana it's fine so I'll probably go there early week maybe 12th and 13th of september?
  15. Can anyone say from experience how busy the park is on weekdays in early september/late august?
  16. Their rides in general are some of the more fun in the flatride category and they've come up with some great ideas, however it's very, very clear their rides are meant for travelling use only since it seems they can't get it right with park installations. (with a few exceptions but usually those are of a ride that's had it's problems dealt with already) And even with their fair rides like rollovers and supernovas there's issues with parking, ride takes 2 minutes: parking takes another 2 before the computer says "you can open the restraints now". Then of course there's stress issues and now this, plus with for example their splashover rides they can't even flip the cars anymore.
  17. is 9/11 the same as the 11th of September? Okay. I guess I'll have to leave Python and fata morgana out of the trip.
  18. It's been a while since I last visited this park and due to that I've been planning to go there again quite soon. The only thing is it seems to me there's not a single day when all rides would be open at the same time! Am I wrong and do they change the scheduled ride closings occasionally, because I would not like to be disappointed on such an expensive trip.
  19. I kinda wanna know, did the HUSS Booster knockoff move as fast / similiarly as a real booster ride?
  20. This thread has been kinda dead but I just came here to say that the Vekoma Junior Boomerang has been completed (months ago) and is open to the public
  21. Apparently then the management there haven't heard of these: (or it's too expensive for their budget)
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