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  1. I believe this was the first turning coaster [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. It might work (haven't ridden but looks like it) with rides like Soaring with dragon as they are practically huge so the acceleration is still felt but at a scale like CBT, Star Trek or Gold Rush you barely feel anything happening. Obviously rides like GF and SR2 get excused since they're purpose built for tiny spaces
  3. ^^ In the last pic that track looks to be pretty sideways for a family boomerang
  4. Yep. Linnanmäki has some 40 year old kiddie bumper cars for kids under 140cm, which are now located in front of the magic circus ride. When Rainbow got removed they moved the kiddie bumper cars to rainbow's plot instead of next to Tulireki and they were there until Kingi started construction which is when they moved to their current spot. TL;DR Yep there were some bumper cars there
  5. The park has been quiet about the changes understandably but from the outside of the park it is visible that: - Vonkaputous has now been nearly completely torn down. - Some new construction around Tulireki has occured (maybe a new kiosk building to make way for developments) - The Angry Birds playground next to Tulireki has been demolished as well (presumably to make way as well) Vonkaputous is most likely going in favour of the theorized new coaster, but weirdly Linnanmäki hasn't said anything about removing it (although as discussed in the blackpool thread that might be for the better) Let's just hope it's actually that S&S Triple Launch rather than that Maurer spike coaster
  6. It's intended as a kiddy suitable family ride but it does swing pretty close to 90 degrees when it gets going [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. Yes, they have made at least one already in China and there's another one about to open or already open. They have a slightly smaller version of normal B&M track with 2 seats/row. Basically B&Ms version of Vekoma's junior inverts. EDIT: ^ got sniped
  8. This seems to be the first ride ever by this company actually built, they have some pretty wild looking rides on their website including a double loading version of those ABC Tourbillon rides going to six flags parks this year.
  9. There hasn't been any word if they're gonna add some theming to it at the same time has there? Cause it would be nice if they themed the queue line, maybe got some music made for it and themed the station as well. Wouldn't be hard to come up with a theme either, make it something about escaping the Pythons lair/nest or something.
  10. Basically, everything after the lift hill. Although strangely not by Vekoma themselves but by some other company thats giving it a slightly different trackstyle. (looks kinda cool)
  11. Don't take this directed at you specifically (well you seem to be Belgian rather than Dutch anyway so free pass ) but I'm sure anyone who has read anything even slightly related to efteling online already knows this and has heard it roughly way too many times
  12. I'm most likely flying to Boston in late April, looks like SFNE is a reasonable distance away and is open by then, should I do it or is it not worth the trouble? If it is could I maybe get some tips on getting there and anything I'd have to keep in mind etc? (plus are there any other real worth it parks near Boston?)
  13. Desperately hoping the first installation of this will actually be succesful unlike the two other recent prototypes by S&S Sansei, Merlin's Mayhem and especially the farce that is GaleForce
  14. Don't a lot of log flumes have those "landing strips" that keep the boat a bit above the water and more stable for the exact reason of preventing the whole bam sudden throw forward stoppage?
  15. Tbh even the zamperla motocoaster feel more like an actual motorcycle than the spike coaster, did the one at skyline and it's... very ehhhh
  16. ^ I don't get why SFMM has to have those weird shoulder shields and a full filled in panel on their Zacspin when none of the others have either?
  17. The Gyro Swing opened a while ago with the name "Goliath" It has 8 seats less and is a bit smaller than Loke but has the same new restraints, I love the theming though!
  18. ^^ I hope not, those trains are great and look great, and didn't the park say that they're not replacing part of it like the station so im guessing that means the trains and old track are fully compatible with the new track?
  19. Nice update! Joyopolis looks like my kinda paradise regarding all the lighting but I'm not sure if I'd be that keen on all the simulators On another note is that Cosmoworld enterprise a real Skylab? If it's real are there more than that and the one at CW?
  20. I'm just about as confused as she is. I don't fully understand how it's possible? But in any case I hope everything turns out fine and that the man has a speedy recovery.
  21. "Actpo kometa" Yeah whoever made the entry into rcdb is clearly not russian But yeah I always find it fascinating hearing about these "big" coasters in obscure places that aren't super connected to the online world so great to hear updates
  22. Hey at least they're not marketing nearly 4 years ahead like Gröna Lund
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