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Oldest Coaster You've Ridden

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I pretty sure that Leap the Dips was never completely razed, though most of the wood (read about 80-90%) has been replaced.


Now, here are my 10 oldest:


Leap the Dips - Lakemont Park - 1902

Jack Rabbit - Seabreeze - 1920

Jack Rabbit - Kennywood - 1921

Thunderhawk - Dorney Park - 1923 (Massively Changed)

Big Dipper - Blackpool - 1923

Thunderbolt - Kennywood - 1924 (Massively Changed)

Big Dipper - Geauga Lake - 1925

Racer - Kennywood - 1927

Roller Coaster - Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach - 1932

Roller Coaster - Blackpool - 1933

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The first drop on Wild One was shortened a few years back, the turnaround has been drastically altered in the last few seasons. The helix was originally there and then something happened I belive like a fire maybe that caused the original park to remove it. It was added back when Wild World moved it to the park. As far as say the Leap The Dips, it was in my uderstanding jst redone in the same layout and everything as the original with no changes to the blueprint of the actual ride. Steel Phantom/Phantom's revenge was a complete change from the original to make a whole new ride.

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0. Wild One -- SFA 1917/1930/1997 (I don't really count this, since even though it was built in 1917, it was rebuilt after a fire in 1930, moved to another state in 1986, and re-profiled in 1997)

1. Thunderhawk -- Dorney Park -- 1923/1930 (originally built in 1923, made 40% longer in 1930)

2. Yankee Cannonball -- Canobie Lake -- 1930/1936 (originally built in 1930, moved to Canobie in 1936)

3. Cyclone -- Lakeside Amusement Park -- 1940

4. Thunderbolt -- SFNE -- 1941

5. Comet -- Hersheypark -- 1946


For a list of the oldest coasters, look here.

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