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  1. On a Saturday in July crowds will be massive Diamondback: I only rode on opening day waited 3 hrs. I'm sure it should be less than that. Probably around an hour Beast: Depending on what time you ride (first thing) 10 min-30min wait (last ride of day at night) 90 min Firehawk Depending on downtime I would say about 90 min Flight of Fear 45 min With your pass you will have free parking at Kings Island You might also want to check out the soda wristband it is like $9 for all you can drink sodas all day. As far as shortening waits ----Get there early--- You also get early ride time with your pass (1 hour before park open) just show your pass at front gates. On certain rides only. I think Diamondback and Beast maybe something else Make sure you ride Beast (front seat at night) and Top Gun at some point both can't miss.
  2. I so called the head-chopping effect with the superman metal symbol things. I think that will be really cool. If you dont know what I'm talking about check sfneonline.com front page.
  3. any chance at all the ride could go through the superman looking symbol? Based on the size it almost looks possible. -Thoughts? It would be a very cool headchopping effect
  4. did anyone hear anything about? Type of lights on the lift? Type of que (indoor or outdoor)? Type of splash and if the scoops are on the trains yet?
  5. I believe Wicked Twister stops in that general area when it has a mislaunch
  6. That is one good looking coaster. Looks way better than it did at Geauga Lake. I like the entrance to the que with the candles
  7. Some of the first pics of The Crypt are surfacing on Kicentral.com. Looks rather well themed for Cedar Fair.Well Done from what I have seen.
  8. I believe it is just their way of making the cement look different. Much like putting bricks down, but this is the cheap way
  9. I told the Dippin Dots guy to keep quiet. Dang it. Anyways you know this info how?
  10. I never said the length of the shutdown. I was just stating that was the reason for one of the down-times Once again the point I was getting at was Cedar Fair has not failed to this point at Kings Island
  11. The Drop Zone time down I was reffering to was right after the SFKK accident. All the Intamin towers in the US were shut down. -Not Cedar Fairs fault- If anyone was to blame for that particular downtime it was SFKK for their lack of maintenence on their tower.
  12. I went twice last year... Wasn't Drop Zone down for safety reasons (SFKK) for a while. You can't really blame Cedar Fair for that. TR:TR lets judge that after it opens this year -rethemed- Drink prices-I gotta say this is the only park I have been to that gives out free cups of water. SOB-Yes it took a while to reopen, but it is running and better (smoother and more enjoyable) and safer-"hopefully" Just saying-I don't really think Cedar Fair deserves the reputation it gets here.
  13. I agree with you on the naming thing..they sure sucked big time on that. But Things are slowly getting better. It is only their 2nd full year I believe since the transition. -Ride ops have improved. -Firehawk while being a used coaster was a good addition, you can't really go wrong adding a new coaster if one wasn't removed. -They are adding new things (new coaster-possibly, trash cans). -Shows look to be improving. To me it seems a little harsh to call them Cedar Fail
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