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  1. Maybe, it is on a fast server and runs fine on media player.
  2. It's been a while since I have been to a park due to an illness I had but now i'm back so here is our latest park vid.... Hope you like it. Drayton Manor video
  3. Here is another video for you from our recent Orlando trip.... OLD TOWN VIDEO hope you like it.
  4. Here is a video we made from NIGLOLAND in France... hope you like it... NIGLOLAND VIDEO
  5. Universal studios video from this Januarys Florida trip...... UNIVERSAL STUDIOS VIDEO Hope you like.........
  6. Hi guys and galls just got back from Orlando and the first video is ready for you i wont bother doing a TR from here as we have had loads of them lately.... Hope you like the film Islands of Adventure 2007 video
  7. Strange it's come back up i posted this a year ago today. Tin(longest time between posts)head
  8. Formula 1 theme parks are to be built worldwide after Bernie Ecclestone signed a deal with a property investment company – with the first to open in Dubai in 2009. United Arab Emirates developer Union Properties reached an agreement with the F1 supremo in October 2005 to create the first such park in the Middle East and on Thursday sealed an exclusive rights deal allowing it to roll the concept out across the globe. Although the venues for further parks have yet to be finalised, both the developer and Ecclestone are excited about the potential of the project. “Following the signing of an agreement for developing the first ever F1 theme park in Dubai, we are delighted with the signing of this licence agreement allowing us to roll the concept out worldwide,” said Simon Azzam, CEO of Union Properties. “This is yet a further commitment and exemplifies the strong business relationship between Union Properties and Formula One Administration. “Having the exclusive rights to develop F1 Theme Parks around the world is an exciting challenge and ample reward for all our sustained efforts. “This proves that our endeavours to maintain a high standard at all times have gained substantial recognition. “We are starting in Dubai with the first ever F1 Theme Park, but this will only be one of many that eventually will be developed around the world.” Ecclestone added: “F1 is a worldwide brand and it is logical that if we do something it will be for the whole world at large. “Our association with Union Properties means that we will start in Dubai and then together we will see where our next F1 Theme Park will be. “UP’s good reputation and 19 years experience as a developer were key factors that made this agreement viable.” Construction on the Dubai Park will start next month and is set to include entertainment facilities, conference centres and a hotel. news from itvf1 If your a motor racing fan this is a dream come true...
  9. This is very cool, i saw the Blue man group in London and their show was insane, it will be a big crowd puller....
  10. I always go to orlando in January and going again this year, if your not from Florida the weather is very good and all the parks are very easy to get around (no queues etc.)
  11. I can't believe everyone is so pleased for Blackpool getting a second hand SLC, lets face Amanda Thompson closed Southport to get it. I bet if this happened in the USA there would be uproar.... Think of how many people lost their jobs and what it did to Southport itself. It's wrong in many ways.....
  12. Sorry to have to say this but all halloween events in UK parks are lame compared to the US versions, for some reason our parks just don't cut it when it comes to things like halloween......
  13. Yeah I have to say it was a blast to meet you Colin hope you have a good time at Hull..
  14. Ok just got back from Goose Fair and for my first visit to it I was impressed by the size of it. We got there about 2.30 on Saturday and it was packed out so we had a scoot around and shot off to Starbucks in town. Got back there at 6.15 and hooked up with Colin, as the night closed in the fair really came to life, plus it wasn't so busy so getting around was easy. Colin rode a few flat rides and I had one ride on magic mouse, (But I was only there to film it.) It is very similar to Cardiff big weekend, but Goose has loads more side stalls and kiddie rides and lots of double rides ie: 8 dodgem tracks etc. but for the amount of people it needs it... We found some of the food odd as well coming from wales like mushy peas and mint and cock on a stick which was amusing everytime we saw it. we left about 10.30 but the action didn't stop there, we got on the tram to go back to Hucknall where we were staying and the tram ran a woman over, so we were delayed for 15 mins till the ambulance arrived. She left one hell of a dent in the front of the tram full marks I say. GOOSE FAIR VIDEO Ok here are a few pics from the day. Me and Colin. They really pack the rides in tight. Crazy mouse was better. For all you flat ride fetish freeks. Colin making a POV of 2 Extreme. Nuff said....... GOOSE FAIR VIDEO
  15. Last year on halloween the park closed at 6 pm and it wasn't too busy, yes they do have some theming in the park outdoor shows and stuff....
  16. There is still a chance of it being saved. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/5366458.stm
  17. For me its BGT they have the best. Then Alton Towers a close second..
  18. Great TR Jarmor got to give Dollywood a visit.
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