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  1. Wow, Holiday world has been KILLING it in the last few years. This thing looks completely insane though, it reminds me of something I'd see in a very unrealistic game of RCT2, therefore it scores points with me. Good job Intamin! I'm really interested to see how this turns out.
  2. Unfortunately, I've been too busy with other crap to go to concerts lately ):but my last was a year ago. Marilyn Manson in Montreal. Coming from Ottawa, polittically correct, and really flippin clean. Montreal really knows how to party.
  3. No doubt Goliath at SFLR. Well, It was hyped up here in Canada anyway. For last year it was the tallest and fastest in Canada I think (correct me if I'm wrong). But anyway, It was my first B&M and, I have to say, It left a flat out awful first impression. It did have some nice light floater airtime on the first drop, and being so close to the water was a cool feeling, but over all It was a pretty tame ride for all the hype. It was dare I say "boring" even. Mind you directly after that I did ride one of B&M's triumphs; The batman Clone, Canadian style. That restored my hope in B&M. But i do see that a definite trend in B&M hypers is that they're all too..... whats the word; graceful. Provided some are great; like Apollo's Chariot. But anyway, Goliath gets my choice for the most over rated. It'll be interesting to see how Behemoth stacks up with those new trains.
  4. 1.Anton Schwarzkopf 2.John Wardley 3.Werner Stengel 4.William Cobb 5.Claude Bolliger & Walter Mabbilard Schwarzkopf because he really combined the old ruthless intensity of coasters and combined them with the newer coasters. Wardley because he really emphasizes of fear. He really seems to have his rides rely on emotions. Case and point, Oblivion. If that ride were bare, with no scenery and no effects, it wouldn't really be an intense ride at all. But the way he pushes every button that makes us tick is incredibly effective. Stengel because he simply pushed the envelope of coaster design. Cobb because he (IMO) went back to the roots of coasters. And came up with woodies that embrace the old side of coasters. And B&M because they pioneered revolutionary coasters, that embrace new amazing ideas, but also did them incredibly smoothly.
  5. I may be on my own here, but I hate to see this thing go. Psyclone, not so much. But I loved Flashback. I know it's insanely bumpy, and flat out painful at times. But still, It was a powerful, and IMO enjoyable ride.Oh well, I can still hope they make the best of the land.
  6. Just wild guessing here. An old photo of crystal beach?
  7. 1. Vekoma Corkscrew @ LA Ronde. 2. Cyclone SFNE (I probably just caugh it on a bad day, alot of people I talk to say its perfectly bearable most of the time.) 3. SOB 4. Top Gun PCW err... CW now I guess 5. GASM . ] I guess I might as well go for the smoothest too. 1. Vampire (La Ronde. I know its a batman clone, but it's possibly my all time favorite) 2.MF 3. El Toro
  8. Maybe a Boomerang or some variation? Also, nice plaza. -Mike
  9. hey, welcome to the site. I like the paths and the water, but the building in my opinion is a bit blocky. I'd reccomend putting roof pieces that go together without those gaps. And a couple windows would look good too. But thats just my opinion. Other than that, I really like the enterance plaza. Keep it up! --Mike
  10. Wow, that place is SERIOUSLY messed up. I love the monster burger. I have to go there some time. But I thought "Speed Boarder" as it used to be called already spun. On the older Japan DVD, I think it spins. Maybe I'm wrong though. But I hate the cars on it now, the older ones were kinda cool. Cool park though. And as usual, nice report.
  11. Hello. I have been having some computer problems, so I can't upload the file. So, unfortunately I'm out.I'm going to have to reformat the computer with all my RCT files on it, so good luck to everyone else. -Mike "Viruses Make Life So Much More Complicated" Kelly
  12. ^ I didnt think it was THAT bad. I really, really like the layout, I just wish it were longer, it looks pretty smooth. Im assuming you're using Articulated GCI trains, but if not which ones are you using?
  13. NIICE!!! ^ You set the bar high for me! Im doing a GCI too. I really like that layout, and it looks really realistic. Good Job.
  14. I like this better than deep valley; kind of reminds me of something by Stephen King. I really like how you're building the story slowly with lots of detail, and introducing all the characters. I'm really exited to see where the story goes though, good job. --Mike
  15. I LOVE spinners, This look really great I cant wait. Any screen shots?
  16. SICK. This is looking excellent. I like very much. Great job as usual! -Mike
  17. This looks sooo awesome. Im drooling over it. Too bad I don't have RCT3
  18. ^^I agree. I really like the name, its very original and has meaning. The other names are very straight foreward. "The bat, Wild Beast, Vortex, Thunder Run." And the trains look pretty cool. I love the first drop. I have to give props to Cedar Fair for giving this ride to a park that (IMO) prior to this year, sucked. I love the placement. The last part over the water looks nioce. But those trims, ugghh.
  19. Looks beautiful. Almost too beautiful for a six flags park . Great job though. Lol, I was just thinking that.
  20. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! Another deep valley-ish thing! This is going be so awesome! Im not going to lie your videos scared the crap out of me last time. I'll try not to be such a chicken
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