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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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I don't know if this statement is true, but I did see a car commercial talking about it's newest car's wheels and it had a video of viper and it Highlighted it's wheels.



It's just a Toyota commercial. They just were talking about an idea, to use the energy that the coasters wheels produce and convert it in to energy for the ride to use. Just an idea nothing really more.

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While we were on the cruise, Neal dropped me an email asking me if I wanted to come test out the new upgrades to Superman this weekend. Unfortunately, since we were out of town, it would have to wait until today. So I got a call today from one of the operations managers from SFMM today inviting me down to give the new Superman Escape From Krypton a spin. Headed down to the park, met up with Donald, and within moments I was launching backwards down the track at 104MPH!


All I can say is "WOW!" Now this is how you can take an older ride, "plus" it up, and give it new life!


Walking into the park, I saw the cars launching all the way up to the brakes at the top of the tower, but it's not until I was on the ride, sitting in the back seat, and looking back that I realized it looked like I was so close to them, I could reach out and touch them!


I don't ever remember forwards facing Superman going this fast or this high.


The additional speed was certainly one of the highlights, and the other was being at the top of the tower, some 400 feet up in the air, looking straight down!


I wasn't sure how much of an improvement the backwards facing cars would be, but it turned out that is was enough of an improvement, that I'm not sure I would ever want them to change it back again!


Superman Escape From Krypton gets two thumbs up from me!


Now some photos and video...



From across the park, what is that I see...looks like it's getting pretty close to the top!


Holy crap! That one is even closer! And yes, it's running with people!


One of the last times you're going to see that logo in the park!


Looks like it's consistently going this high with every launch!


The entrance area still looks familiar, not sure how much this is changing before opening, or if it really needs to change much at all.


The interior area is VERY GREEN!!!! =)


Looks like this group approves of the new version of the ride!


Here are the seats. I'm sure people will complain about the side seats, but I didn't find them that annoying. Really, they were fine.


I'm told that this outside area will actually end up being enclosed now.


Another view of the seats. I found them to be very comfortable. Didn't have a problem with the restraints at all, but then again, I've never ever had a problem with any of the Intamin OTSR restraints.


The launch tunnel...pretty soon, I'll be going 104 MPH down that tube!


TWO THUMBS UP! As you can see, Superman added some extra lines to my face...or am I just getting old?


Here are the back two seats, IMO, the best seats on the train! For some reason, I could really feel the speed and the fall down the tower from here. It's great in either the front or the back, but these seats are highly recommended!


"Look! I'm hiding my fat behind the back row!"


Here's the other side...also backwards.


New hotness.


These are the LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) that makes the ride go 104 MPH! Let's hope it stays that speed forever!


Just a quick look around the rest of the park - some progress has been made on Green Lantern. Looks like the footers are ready to be poured.


Cranky has lost his crane.


Roadrunner Express still looks like a dirt lot...


But it does look like work is about to start very soon!


That's it for this update! Superman is a win! See you all at West Coast Bash!

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OMG!!!! I HAVE TO I MUST GET TO SFMM THIS YEAR!!!!! I owe Superman several rides. Last time I went on it was 4 times in a row in July 06. & 1 other time in July 1999. So how frigen pathetic. Only been on Superman a total of 5 times! Had no time to go on it in July 08. Next time I go on Superman I'll try for 5 times in a row! Backwards + 104mph= 2 very high thumbs up! CAN'T WAIT!

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It's kind of funny how I've only ridden S:EFK at night. I'm sure next time will be during the day so I can get a good idea of what the park looks like from way up the tower.


Yes, what a green room that was. Kinda caught me by surprise, actually.


I forgot to mention the positive G forces on the way back down the tower while going through the radius from vertical to horizontal. Not blackout force or anything, but some good forces.



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I was Gunna post a report about my experience on Sunday but Robb beat me to it lol. I agree 100 percent with Robb the ride is amazing. You can really feel the speed now and the height is breath taking. As far as the restraints go the launch is powerful but not so much that it force you into the restraints. I was able to avoid slamming into the restraints fairly easily.

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Superman backwards at speeds over 100MPH was amazing, but the real dream come true has to be the LEG ROOM! Yes, good news big, tall, or big and tall people, the new trains have plenty of leg room (Something the original cars lacked) and the new restraints are easier to fit comfortably in.

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Just like everyone else has said. Backwards and 100+ MPH is hot. A much better ride turned around and faster. The new cars are awesome, a lot more leg room, the restraints were comfortable. I thought front seat was best, only got two rides (ha! only, was lucky to get two). Front was first and give a real cheek flapping experience. Next ride was second to last and was still great, but I preferred the front.


We had tickets for a 12-1 ride, but there were some issues with getting the ride going and the staff was very honest, telling us not to wait around, go ride other stuff, come back when we see it launching. So we did and in line for Goliath after we ate lunch we saw about 5 test runs, get on goliath and could see from the lift hill the car was stuck just at the curve like it wanted to go up but didn't fire right.


Watched them *VERY* slowly reel the car back in and headed up the hill (My calves are killing me right now, climbed that hill too many times today). The staff was again very honest and told us to go ride other stuff and not wait around, thanks for our patience etc. We'd hit just about everything we wanted to, so we decided to sit up there and finally got treated to the ride at about 4pm, they let us go twice and I'm sure we could have done another circuit through the exit if we wanted. Thanks Six Flags, was a great day, love the revamp.

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Same! That and i'd love to see the new improvements installed on Tower of Terror 2. I've only had one ride on the original tower going that high. And I was the only person in the car... apparently the less weight the higher it went.

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Excellent! I'm looking forward to riding this one at WCB (after finally riding the forward-facing version last year). Then I get to go to Australia with a bunch of of other TPR people and do it again at Dreamworld!

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