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  1. Time start making new coasters with dual stations to cut back the dispatch times Tatsu has dual stations and they rarely use both at the same time...
  2. At the season pass processing there were only 5 people ahead of me. I bought online, so they scanned the bar code and took my picture and I was off. That last hour at Goliath, was a walk straight up to the platform and a max 3 train wait. They were running 2 trains. I guess #3 is off site since I didn't see it. This is probably a great time to get the 2014 passes. Anyone else get stuck in the pass line from hell January of this year?
  3. Six Flags Magic Mountain passes are based on Calendar Year. 2013 passes expire at the close of business on 12/31/2013. Buying a 2014 season pass now will be good till close of business on 12/31/2014.
  4. The B&M trains stay on the transfer track all year long. They just cover them with tarps.
  5. Of course they will remove pavement, SFMM has the patent on placing Roller Coasters on parking lots!!
  6. Many parks have removed the suspended coasters due to end of life. However Magic Mountain just 2 years ago replaced the PLC, put in all new sensors, and new brake controllers. I don't think they would have made that investment to just get a couple more years out of the ride. Biggest problem I see is the one train operation during refurb times.
  7. Wow this looks like an amazing ride, and I love the way they are incorporating a new park entrance into it! Can't wait to go ride it next year!
  8. I miss Deja Vu, It was a fun ride! I agree the seasonal operation should enable the proper maintenance to keep the ride open during SFNE's shorter season. This ride does require more down time than other roller coasters to keep it maintained. I really like the landscaping and such around Goliath, that is a nice touch!
  9. I got on it today and was pretty happy with the ride! Moving right along and was an enjoyable ride. We also got some airtime on the first drop in the back rows. Pacing is much better without all of the bouncing around! Strange the past several months there are only 2 total trains for Colossus. (can't count the psyclone trains for normal operation) Used to be 6 trains and with a couple out getting refurb work done there was generally 4 available. currently there is no way to run 3 on one side, or 2 on each side during a busy weekend.
  10. I was at the park on Tuesday for the ERT on Lex Luthors Drop of Doom. It was fun hanging out with a couple of other people from TPR! (My name is Mike and I was wearing the Red shirt from another amusement park) Too bad we got on the ride so late in the morning, but still glad to have made the trip out to get some extra rides in. I really like Lex Luthor and feel it is a great addition to the park. The long drop really makes you appreciate the speed over several seconds of falling! I got in 5 rides yesterday and only 1 had one ride with the tower swaying from Superman. The swaying does add to the thrill of the ride IMO.
  11. I was at the park yesterday and took a couple of photos of some clearing being done. These pictures are of the former "High Sierra Territory" Metro Station. Looks like things are underway for next years attraction! Some things have been removed on Log Jammer, but just little stuff. Also, there was some land clearing done around the base of the Superman Tower.
  12. Another thing with Log Jammer is the amount of payroll the ride took. 2 in station, 1 at 2nd lift, 1 at each drop. Plus another to run around so they can take breaks, and sometimes maintenance to get the water out of them boats. Took more people to run Log Jammer than it does to run: Tatsu one station, Goliath, Superman, Scream, Viper and many others. Lower ridership, and more payroll.
  13. Got 8 final rides in today on Log Jammer! The employees were actually telling people Halloween is the last day for the attraction. Sad to see an original attraction go.
  14. I didn't want to believe the rumor of Log Jammer going away, but I am on the boat of believers now. I would be willing to bet that Monday, Halloween, is the last day to ride it. Sad to see two good rides close in the same month!! Log Jammer is my favorite water ride at the park! Anyways going tomorrow to get a bunch of rides in on the Jammer.
  15. Got a ride in today, Loved it!! Seats and restraints are comfortable throughout the entire ride. Backwards launch is cool, and the view from high up the tower is awesome too. (I am the guy to the right of Rob in the picture)
  16. LOL! Bench the ride could end up being the big "Year End" addition to the park!
  17. Went to the park today for about 5 hours and got on 16 rides! We also did some shopping and had some snacks in that time as well. Definitely glad we dressed in winter attire today. Old Sierra Twist location Another Superman Pic!
  18. I have to wonder if Little Flash is going in the old Sierra Twist location. The concrete has been torn up over there for awhile??
  19. Looks like Red is being used for parts for the Orange and Yellow trains. Several parts were taken off already.
  20. As we all know when rides get old, they need more money put into them to keep them running. Many parts have to be custom made. Some parts have limited life spans and must be changed even when they are working fine. Some parks would rather remove higher cost rides to make way for something new. Fixing up an old ride doesn't bring people through the gates of a park like a new ride does so you can see where money is generally spent. Take a look at the Suspended Coasters that many parks have removed. Magic Mountain kept Ninja, however they put in a brand new PLC, brake controls, lift 1 chain and gears. Also Ninja has had quite a bit of added supports and welding done to the track and supports over the years. These are major expenses many parks have opted not to take on. In the case of B&M Vs. Arrow: Well Arrow had some very innovative designs and rides and were cutting edge in their time. B&M came along later and was able to benefit off of the history of previous rides and how they operate and age. Not to mention programs such as AutoCad and Solid Works came along and took designs on a computer to a whole new level.
  21. Closing PP an hour ahead of show time would mean closing PP for most of an evening. Remember they are planning to do 2 shows per night, with an hour between them. What a mess this would be if they go through with it. I am excited to see WoC, however having that many attractions closed at a park with so few attractions seems like a disaster. Even when Carsland does open, a long ways off, we are still talking about a couple main rides not being available through out an evening. Hopefully this stuff isn't all true. If so, they should have designed a show around the lagoon and the rides that operate to keep park capacity up.
  22. When Riddlers was new, and didn't have the seat belt they ran 3 w/o too much stacking. Line moved so fast back then!
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