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  1. Way excited for this year. Like Kyle said, it was a little let down last year, but I am already planning a trip to the farm in about a month.
  2. I agree with everyone above. What a cool idea during the off season. Thank you Shane for doing this, and thank you Kyle for the report.
  3. Can only make it to Knotts this time around, but hey, one day of WCB is better then not going.
  4. Thanks for the report Larry. Makes me want to go back and visit these two parks, since it has been almost 20 years now.
  5. Nuking Krustyland was kind of satisfying.
  6. They can even come back to this event in the future with more countries. I like the fact that I can now place vending machines all over my Springfield, just like in Japan.
  7. For those who are still playing, we can finally create a little Tokyo for our Springfield's
  8. ^^ Same but in the opposite order. I gave up on Family Guy a few months ago. Unless you fork out cyme money, there is no way you could ever complete the guests. I am still hanging onto the Simpsons, but barely. At least the goals are attainable, but extremely repetitive.
  9. Thought they would have started it today since they did the "Gnome in the Home" the other day.
  10. No ghosts for me yet. Just what seems like 5 billion cubones.
  11. Just hit level 25, so I am still playing kind of. Now it is just a matter of hatching eggs, getting buddy candies and if by chance, finding one of the few I do not have yet. Kind of hard for me to do right now when it is dark before I get to work, and it is dark after I finish work.
  12. Hopefully the Halloween Event will change this.
  13. Congrats! I am four carps off from getting a Gyrados, and by living in a desert that is not going to happen for quite awhile. I did hit 100 different types of caught Pokemon yesterday though.
  14. Massive update for the next event is out. Something to do with science, black holes and the future. My game is still updating.
  15. There will be a few random people from TPR showing up throughout the first few days of July. No large crazy group, just really small crazy groups.
  16. Just finished the final quest for tree-hugger Lisa.
  17. Anybody still playing this game? I am done with it. I have yet to complete even half of the past few events, and I have played on a regular basis.
  18. Nope, evil. Finding them in a pile of trees, behind tall buildings, and my favorite, in the middle of the water.
  19. ^Most are hidden. When you shadow everything they are easy to find.
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