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  1. The park looks great so far I love the custom scenery work. Very colorful but it still works very well!
  2. Now this is a real quality park! Beautifully done I love the scenery work especially . Makes me want to take a trip to Eftling haha
  3. Uhm, are there any specific settings you have to set for the transports on the brake segments? Speeds or acceleration/deceleration g's?
  4. ^ Nice clock tower there! I Also like the vine foliage, very cool looking .
  5. Wow, that poor poor child, and of course the other people who had to witness it (especially the fellow children that were probably there). The mom on the other hand, good god! There's a reason there's a damn rail there and a ten foot drop, because to the surprise of many WILD ANIMALS CAN BE DANGEROUS IF YOU GET CLOSE! Not to mention dangling your kid ten feet from the ground isn't a good idea in the first place. Seriously America, we already have the stupidity of Honey Boo Boo and her family representing our country, do we really need more? But I suppose however people do make stupid mistakes, lets hope many of our citizens can learn from it.
  6. Granted, by the park is rained out all day and you get NO credits in. I wish I was a celebrity.
  7. Impressive work Goggles, impressive work indeed. I especially like the motion blur shots (especially the ones with neon glowiness). Oh and, Magiquest!!
  8. Happiness is... Finding out your local water park has a shiny new toy!
  9. I'm really happy that Glenwood Caverns is getting the appreciation that it deserves! It really is a great park.
  10. I think they meant that the back faces more acceleration G's than the front.
  11. My first time riding Ghostrider at KBF was terrifying! At the time I was about 7 or 8, and the biggest coaster i had ever been on was Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland, so Ghostrider was a pretty big leap. The only thing I remember from that ride was the first drop, and then coming back into the station, so I think I blacked out or something. Oddly enough now its my 2nd favorite wooden coaster
  12. Good god what is he gonna do next, call his mother? I can't stand it when a person of the gp is too stubborn and thick headed to admit that they're wrong.
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