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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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^ Isn't this "technical rehearsal" this weekend only?


Also the Six Flags Magic Mountain Facebook page posted they need people for filming on thursday the 24th!



I will be there on the twenty fourth Shawn, wanna face fear backwards!

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^^This was posted a few pages back, and the park is closed that day so no admission is needed.


If anybody is interested in doing the filming for Superman commercials, SFMM just posted info on their FB page:


On Thursday, February 24th we are filming the Superman: Escape from Krypton commercial and need riders. Riders must be available for the entire day (8:00am – 4:30pm). Riders will be paid $50 at the completion of the day. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

All riders must be 18 and over and must meet all safety requirements of the ride. Proof of age may be required. This shoot is does not fall under the jurisdiction of SAG or AFTRA so union members may not participate.


If interested please send your name, address, e-mail and phone number along with a current photo of yourself to sfmmevents@sixflags.com.

Due to the possibility of rain the shoot may be moved to the following week. Please let us know if you are available any of those days as well. You will receive a response from the filming supervisor to confirm.

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Hooray for Arm Guards!!!


Do the arm guards include the last row? I can't really see from the picture you posted, but I'm guessing yes. I hope not since I always like to ride with my arms up. Looks like that won't happen anymore on Superman. Oh well, at least the backwards launch, increased speed 100+, and to the top hopefully will make up for that. Middle seats look like hands up!

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Wish I would have seen that earlier ... sigh.


We showed up at 11 got our "ticket" to ride between 12 and 1. Showed up back at 12 and nothing. Met up with EBL, had some lunch, did some rides. At 3:00 they were saying it may open at about 5:00 but we had been at the park since 10:30 so decided not to stick around.


Still, had a fun day at the park. Riddlers and Ninja are back to 2 train operation which was nice. Everything we rode was pretty much a walk-on. Tatsu looked to have about a 60 minute line when we walked by a little before noon (and again at 3:00 as Orient Express was down).


EBL stayed so hopefully he will update if it actually did ever open today. At least it didn't start testing when we were driving out of the parking lot.

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Apocalypse was only 1 train operation still. Seems to be the only coaster in the park currently with 1 train.


EDIT: Wow, some of the comments on the SFMM Facebook page about the ride not opening today are really saddening. I'm just going to copy what I said over there:


I was at the park today ready to ride, and unfortunately was unable to. I don't blame the park AT ALL for this. It's a "Technical Rehearsal" for a new ride. A "Benefit" of being a passholder, not something the park had to do.


For those complaining, stop ... the park doesn't have to do this kind of stuff and bad attitudes will make sure they don't do it again.


The staff manning the entry area for those with tickets couldn't have been more awesome answering questions.


Even without Superman, we had a great day at the park.


People have short memories, does nobody remember that after "Light Tragic" and the DCA preview weekends, Disneyland no longer has special Passholder previews or events?

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