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  1. Magic Mountain's Batman will be running backwards for 8 months. So that's most of the year, I highly doubt that SFOT will be putting their clone backwards this year.
  2. If you paid by Paypal, than your receipt from Paypal is your confirmation. Also, this was in the FAQ: I sent a check.
  3. I sent my payment last friday and I still haven't gotten a confirmation email.
  4. I rode Riddler's Revenge a week go and it was amazingly smooth and very forceful! I think its one of the best B&Ms I've ridden along with Tatsu and Medusa West.
  5. Very clearly and heavily influenced by AC/DC. Almost sounds like a mock tribute (not dissing it); the kind of tribute done with all session musicians . The opening is similar to Live Wire, and the vocals are very Brian Johnson... heck, I just noticed they use the words LIVE WIRE in the song. Maybe I'm not getting the clue - is this a tribute to AC/DC? I would go with the classic old song, but I'm sure it's very expensive. Live wire is a song from Mötley Crüe. There is AC/DC inspiration I guess too.
  6. I don't know if you saw , but Live It Up is on youtube and I think it awesome!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgurejfxYSQ
  7. The theming is complete. The video can't show too much because the view points are restricted. We'll be sharing all the openning media event pictures and vídeo next week with all the coaster theming. The tunnel doesnt look to be completely themed though. It is just staying like that?
  8. This looks way different than what SFMM has... This is 50ft taller and is shaped in a V form plus it has a built in platform, I believe.
  9. I went yesterday to take an update and I went over to the Full Throttle Track and there are 5 pieces of track. I don't know if anyone notice but ColdStones reopened in Cyclone Bay for being closed for quite a while.
  10. Here's a update from today at the park: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQocu-cK4eI
  11. I've been on : Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK) Superman Escape From Krypton (SFMM) California Screamin(DCA) Xcelerator(KBF) RocknRollercoaster(WDW) Pony Express(KBF) Montezuma's Revenge(KBF) Revenge of The Mummy(USH) Best one: Superman Ultimate Flight at SFDK. Its amazing, Pops of Airtime , Going upside down 150 ft in the air, the dive and non inverting loop. Its spectacular!
  12. You must be HHN spoiled.I'm a huge fan of HHN myself. HHN was a HUGE letdown this year... Repetitive Scares,Bodys,things eating eachother, I know a lot of Fright Fest Scareactors that move from HHN to FF because they got sick of the same thing. Fright Fest was great because I got way better scares than at HHN and they use better scare-tactics. HHN uses the button switch which creates the loud sound and strobes that people get afraid of not the monsters themselves. They are demand to do one thing and one thing only were at FF they get do scare anyway they want in their character.Point is,You might of not liked Fright Fest but doesn't mean you should tell people not to go.
  13. Im very interested in the Texas Midwest Tour!! But this would be my first tour with you guys....i was wondering do we meet sonewhere to start the trip or the bus picks us up?!?!!
  14. The best pictures I've ever seen in my life. Those are one of a kind where you cant find anywhere else! Beemer and the sea look amazing!
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