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  1. I love your Designs!!!!!Please conginue and finish them!!! It will make us super happy and grateful to have a CTR maker like you!
  2. I lov SEFK's Support Tower!! Its so unique and beautiful!
  3. Haha its my update! Paintball,Arcade and the other shop is blocked off due to clearing to lex luthor.
  4. Any Manta Construction?!?!Today They posted this on their Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/#!/seaworldsandiego
  5. They need to repaint their coasters...First and Last Time I went was when it was simply call Great America in 2007 and I really hated the fact that demon and top gun and simply black and vortex all faded
  6. Superman Escape From Krypton's Sexy Blue and Krypton Green Train!
  7. According to the TPR Store, we haven't received your check in the mail yet. Oh ok I remember I get the email confirmation first then send the mail. Thanks
  8. I havent gotten my confirmation email yet and I bought my tickets on dec. 27th..
  9. Im Currently working on my RCT3 Six Flags Park! Here is a teaser... http://youtu.be/uBOlcOZnoCQ
  10. I went last week on the 28 and they werent balancing trains.I had a row to my self and there were two people in the back of me. I enjoy flipping alot but it hurts.
  11. You will never forget this park!Welcome to Six Flags Adventure Creek...where all the Adventure Go BiG!Here are many things to expect on the first day of the park! Now: The Areas: Old Times of the park: Events at the park: Enjoy!Its a very interesting themepark! -SFMMCrazy
  12. I would love HHN to bring back the sliders! and have their own scare zone..I really not forwards for another year with clownz.I would much rather have Freakz becuase they were so top notched this year! As for the wild west area why did they take half of it down?!?
  13. ^not even, if it took like two weeks to build gl then it doesnt take a month to attach a drop tower to superman.. each side would likely take one and a half weeks.. I went to the park today anf the area looks a little empty so land clearing would be a week and the que line will take 3weeks or so.
  14. Hey Robb,I havent gotten my comfirmation email yet and I ordered my tickets yesterday or the day before.
  15. Steel: Deja Vu and S:EFK Wood:Apocalypse and GhostRider
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