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  1. Th mist were working on terminator on friday when i went,But do you guys know that wierd turn after the second tunnel,The trains made a stratch loud noise.plus the audio on both trains weren't working.
  2. I like the ones on Deja Vu.They are awsome.BM should make there inverted train like Deja Vu just like they did on the Hypers.
  3. UM... When are they going to build Mr.six dancecoaster cause they have 3 WEEKS to finish!
  4. Are they giving out the booklets for the Pass cause they said come in early march to get it.
  5. I heard one of Superman's side Is getting a retheme to bizarro.The Cars is going to be faced backwardsso when your on the top of the tower you face downwards.The new color of the train is blue or purple.Anyone know more?
  6. ^ Your wrong about Deja Vu is was repaint sereval weeks before Terminator opened.
  7. That sucks Maybe sunday I will go and what happen to SFMM family and kid rides page?
  8. That will be cool if B:TR and Goliath open on friday cause I'm going friday! Aritime on TS:TR
  9. - Favorite new coaster :Terminator salvation the ride - Favorite new ride:n/a - Favorite new park:SFDK - Most memorable park moment :Terminators opening - Most memorable coaster moment :Airtime on Backwards colossus - Best ERT session:On X2 - Least favorite coaster :Terminator - Least favorite ride:Perlious plunge - Least favorite park :SFMM - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced :Simpsons the ride - Least interesting ride you've seen intoduced:N/A - Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!):West coast bash - The decade's biggest flop:N/A - The decade's biggest success:going on X2 - The best meal you've had at a park :Turkey leg - The worst meal you've had at a park:Hot dog - Best park turnaround :SFMM - Worst park turnaround :Seaworld - What was the biggest trend of this past decade?:N/A
  10. I was there to cause I thought Goliath was going to open and they haven't finish painting and I was .I love the sex new colors on Batman.I haven't seen any construction lately.GOLIATH look like a new sex beast.There was hardly any people there!
  11. that suck Orange stringer is gone but a better swing ride is coming!
  12. 1.Togo is defunct for your imformation. 2.I don't see why the would want a togo
  13. Hi my Name is Edward, I'm a coaster lover,I love coaster since I was two. My first coaster was West Coaster in Santa Monica Pier. The best theme park where I live is SFMM.I really excite to be in theme park review.And soon for Fright Fest i doing a trip report for you.So I hope you like it. TPR is #1 coaster web, Edward
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