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  1. So your not coming for this event I heard? your going to be on the RT to CP
  2. Same thing with SFMM's Deja Vu going to SFNE.....I wonder where people get these rumors.
  3. Maybe they are going to be running AE backwards for Fright Fest which is around the corner.
  4. Manhattan Express in Las Vegas! Fun but the OSTR hurts my shoulders when there is airtime or going upsidedown .
  5. I know that how chicken I am....Sorry for make a big chaos in this thread.and Im a HHN fan makes,it makes me much more chicken-ier EDIT: v the Coke say cuke.
  6. I dont have perfect memory. King Kong has been with HHN.Its only its own attraction when with HHN.If it were it would'nt be with Studio Tour in the first Place.I've never went in a maze in USF I was little and I was a Chicken.Im not sure about how many scare zone and shows there were.I only went to the Bill and Ted Show and just was walking in the scare zones there were.I just remember the show and walking through the scare zones and riding rides.I was still a chicken last year too.I only went to HOTC and I said no more.I did go to the terror tram which wasnt that bad and King Kong Express.
  7. But I meant can we get in with them?I dont want a discount just to get in the park itself. I don't understand your question. You can visit the park with a season pass whenever you want to. If you want to take part in the event TPR is putting on, you need to buy a ticket. You awnsered my question...Thanks
  8. Why did you put that Robb said that. Well there's only Terror Tram and King Kong Express..My bad I havent been there for a long time....Maybe USO is better than it was two years ago.
  9. But I meant can we get in with them?I dont want a discount just to get in the park itself.
  10. Its ok Robb...I feel like that too sometimes..I been to Orlando's event two years ago and USH last year.Im not say that we are the best but I just think that I have a more enjoyable time here because theres things to do like the terror tram...Sorry to make you think that I formed a biased. I love Universal Orlando WAY more than here because they have better thing there and HRRR
  11. Can we use our Season Pass to get into SFDK?I got one from SFMM....
  12. When I went for SEFK's Techincal Rehearsal when it was raining that day...I decided to go on Gold Rusher....No Line...."Ok cool a train just for me!"I said and when I took off during the ride I heard voices and I felt like someone was watching me on the second lift and it gave me chills
  13. Have you been to both? Because if you haven't you really shouldn't be commenting in this thread. --Robb Yes I have.
  14. I think HHN USH is truely the best! They have mazes from scary movies,cool scare zones and last but not least the terror tram(which USF doesnt have)
  15. Green Lantern at SFMM.....I hate facing forwards (looking at SEFK) It scared the crap out of me...
  16. I believe that they are still doing that but tell will remake dino USA into that.
  17. I love jet stream! its like a water coaster it gores fast and I get airtime
  18. I have great bad memories on that water ride! My backpack got wet and I had my camera in it but I forgot it was water proof.
  19. It was 2005 or 06 Happened in 2003. http://rideaccidents.com/2003.html#sep5 Sorry My Bad....Got my years wrong.
  20. When did anyone say it is going to be removed it's rumors!Dont believe removing a ride rumor!!!
  21. Yes it does...but still Demon would of been perfect for knotts
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