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  1. I wonder whats in store for next year!I hope colossus gets a magic mountain style rehab!and I hope they have one side backwards!!
  2. I've been following this park forever!!!it inspired my parks and gosh , I can't believe to see this go away now!
  3. Nope. I will hand it to CP though, as TTD's launch is stronger than KK's. But other than that, even Magic Mountain beats CP in terms of coasters. Take Tatsu, Deja Vu and X2 in terms of WTF thrills and forces in general, and they beat out any 3 coaster punch CP has to offer. Yeah the atmosphere at CP is awesome, but the coasters at Six Flags are just better. ^So true and we also have riddler too!
  4. At WCB, they said that they rather spend on a rollercoaster because a flat ride cost as much as a coaster.
  5. Yesterday was awesome!!Robb gave me a shoutout!Colossus was racing again in a long time....DC universe is beautiful and really different.Road Runner opening was nice and the theming is great! -SFMMCrazy
  6. I love Superman Escape From Krypton cars!!! They are so freakin cool and so comfortable with the new foam OSTR!
  7. I've also heard that CP in going down in 2012!global cooling or warming I think.I dont really care about CP.I think SFMM "craps all over it."
  8. That is my Video!Thank you sharing it.That video was all yesterdays techinal rehearsal.It was fun!
  9. I rode S:EFK!Well my only ride today and I was the first in line!
  10. I got the email!!! Now I will have a good chance riding SEFK this weekend not like last saturday!
  11. I went I stay to whole time in front of superman for nothing.No preview today.
  12. I hate the weather!!!!!!!I couldnt get on Superman,but I met TPRer's and rode terminlypse with them! Im going next week to ride superman they said we can ride every weekend til the 19.
  13. WOW!Cyclone Bay sure need to look like a bay.Take of the trees in the back of the building so we can see ninja again and put more theming
  14. I made a coaster called Bizarro Escape from Htrea build out of Screamin Serpent.I made these coaster car for the ride because it was a backwards reverse freefall coaster like SEFK.I made them for my own use.CCI should know about it! You can see the final video on youtube!
  15. I have a feeling there will be a Bizarro Makeover soon! I follow this park on atari!
  16. ^haha that's true.green lantern2011but raptor has brown track and supports.I really hope seeing this kind of coaster in the U.S. Maybe SFMM
  17. Can we take a video on a ride if we ask permission from the ride operator or park?I'm going for my second time to WCB!I really hope the park decides tO put SEFK in both ert sessions
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