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  1. Demon Drop was coming to Knotts Berry Farm....but went to dorney with has a drop tower already!
  2. Me too!We were at the top....I was in the front row.For like 20 min up there in the cold and then a ride op came told us what happen then left.
  3. I would ask for reasoning, but I doubt you have any. Regardless, there's a lot better chance of them getting some type of ZacSpin in the future as opposed to getting some puked-it-up-in-five-minutes floorless model from B&M......or a clone. Yes after seeing a major park get one and has low capacity and breaks down due to heat problems...yeah I dont see one coming there...at least for me.
  4. CP will never get a Zac Spin.....how bout a family launch looping coaster like galaxi express 999
  5. I think you should head to Green Lantern.X2 is a great popular ride but it just not working properly cause of the audio is off and stuff
  6. They can replace mean streak with a new wooden winderider!prototype or and wooden shuttle coaster like the model in iaapa
  7. I think I just not working.....all the equip is still there since I last went on july 1st
  8. What is so good about getting back at (the west coast park).CP is a family friendly park.....(TWCP)is meant to be a thrill park.I dont know why people want more coaster just to win a crown?!? I think CP should just focus being a famly park and let SFMM focus on what they want.
  9. Whats wrong with people thats make stupid rumors.Since when did SFMM say such a thing..,Its one of the popular coasters and its only one left owned by Six Flags. "Oh, SFMM said Deja Vu is being moved to SFNE."
  10. I believe its a RUMOR and RUMORS arent always true.Also I hear rumors about (the west coaster park) getting a coaster that same year.
  11. You honestly post the best offride videos I've ever seen. The one of Riddler's was amazing too! Wow, that ride just looks painful. But coastercrutchfield, great videos! Thanks for sharing. Its butter smooth trust me...That one onf my favoreite.
  12. That just happen to me on Colossus at SFMM for Green Lanterns opening day!They closed the back section(where i was) for a while.
  13. Green Lantern is more intense then twister.....Also every time you go on GL the experience is different.I went on it five times and it still gives me that creeps
  14. SEFK cant have water on the tracks because of the wheel...but they should of put Fog not mist.
  15. Wow...my bald spot appears to be getting bigger. Good thing I can't normally see it. ii guessing your in the right side with stripes.
  16. If this ride is anything like X2, then it won't make a difference in terms of ride experience - it's not really an out-and-back, airtime-laden coaster where you ride with your hands in the air; it's more like a 'holy crap hold on for dear life because the train is not counter-balanced because some fat dude is on the other side' kind of coaster. Does that make sense? I've ridden X2 at least a dozen times.. and I try to not hold on, but you just have to.. Um they are plastic it would of been fine to put like SEFK.I can imagine they are broken in a month
  17. http://www.myfoxla.com/dpp/good_day_la/tony-and-bob-ride-the-green-lantern-20110630 Plastic Arm guards....not cool.
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