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  1. My numbe one favorite is S:EFK colors!! It's Eye popping! Other Favorites: V2SFDK Goliath SFNE and SFMM B:TR SFMM Minderaser SFA Bizarro SFNE Patriot WoF Wicked Twister CP Canyon Blaster (pink and black part) AdventureDome Diamondback Frontiercity
  2. I really expected more of Movie World....I guess GL:FF is the best themed Green Lantern Ride.
  3. I just found a teaser for 2012! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kza2AMO6w4&feature=feedu Hint:The Pointed at Superman at The end of The video.I guess the ride or attraction is going to be BIG.
  4. 1.Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2.SF Magic Mountain 3.Disneyland CA 4.Knotts Berry Farm 5.WDW
  5. This is going to be the best Inverted coaster I've ever seen!!
  6. Im watching SCREAM!if you know the awnser! They go on Goliath,Scream,Riddler,and SEFK as of right now!
  7. Wow lots of rides are getting announced this month! The swarm got announced hershey is announcing tomorrow and so on.I cant wait for what they are getting for next season.
  8. My friend just came back and he said its hell in the back just like ghostrider.
  9. Techno Dude resides over at Shy guys World for the most part. Go ask him over there. But considering that the links are from a media sharing site, it would be down over there, too. Your best bet would to ask him--that's about it. and no need to double post, by the way. He lost his file because someone hacked him so he doesnt have a download but there is one in vodhin's
  10. Screamscape is saying the ride rotation program is probably going to return with Iron Wolf likely going to SFA and rumors of Deja Vu going to SFNE. SFMM is getting rid of their DV? I thought the only reason they kept it was for the count. Who ever said that they were......its just a rumor.
  11. Robb said its the crammed version of i305 and then they responded "we're not getting that."
  12. Screamscape: I really dis like this rumor its been posted on facebook too!
  13. Were you asking do you need to buy a ticket to the park on top of the event price? I'm pretty sure the $32 includes admission to the park. If so that's a great deal! No it doesnt you have to buy a park ticket too plus the event ticket.That was my question what jj said.
  14. Anyone named Candy Mountain which was suppose to be Casey Jr. Circus Train.....Also the planned Matterhorn for Epcot.
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