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  1. ^You seriously need to know whats going on at SFMM.Terminator is a new coaster.They demolished Psyclone and made a new coaster.
  2. When I went for the first day of Fright fest.Ther were 2 cable on each side of the tower.
  3. I went to fright Fest yesterday! X2 area 19 was cool! The Asylum was scary it was like the mirror maze but metal fences. Camp gonnagetcha was the biggest scare zone. Jokester hideout was fun in 3D. That is all Im saying no more spoilers.
  4. Umm...Fright Fest Starts This Friday!October 8th,2010.Who else is going on Friday,I am!
  5. OK SFMMFans great news: Today I went to SFMM today and I was the first person to go on Sky tower.Believe this please...I told the staff at the skytower that there are lots of rumor about Superman going Backwards.The worker said that the rumors were true about superman going Backwards next year.
  6. I love the Layout ,but the name doesn't have a feeling of a Six Flags Enivorment.It doesn't touch.
  7. ^ I think its one reverse Freefall.Superman is a nice fit to SFMM.So maybe this too!
  8. ^COOL.These are the cars I was talking about but they go Backwards on Colossus SFMM for Fright fest.
  9. Did you see anything looking like backwards seat.I heard they tested the train going backwards for a year now.
  10. I disagree with 1 and 2.Then How are you go to be facing backward. 1)TURN the whole Car Backwards. 2)Have soft straps OSTR. your 4)That the whole point been scared ,its just like X2.
  11. I heard it on yesterday.I didn't know where the water sound was coming from.
  12. There was a lot of bizarro merch. at six flags.I went yesterday.There are no ride peices, the rumor isn't true.I felt sad for superman.I know he want to roar out that he is the king at SFMM.
  13. From a friend that knows: Superman: The Escape at SFMM is down and they are doing some much needed maintenance, possibly painting it, and both sides should be open when it comes back up. They can't launch both at the same time and they probably will never run them at 100 MPH ever again (though they can, they don't as it is quite expensive to do so). Anyways, the major reason for the downtime is they are making one side go backwards. They have been testing it for some time now.
  14. Hey I heard that Superman was doing some test lately with the -Backwards Car-.The rumor of backward car might be true.
  15. I love Terminator's Train.So comfortable and it use to have music.
  16. Well Hi this is my Reopening of a Park I made a while ago.This park was first owned by Six Flags and was called Six Flags Fun Parc.It has many secrets.I found this in the NBC News. Well the Rumors were right! This is the old Park: The new parks grand opening: Happy People!
  17. NO!!THIS CANT BE stupid Vekoma and SixFlags.I wanted them to get a new coaster next year too!The post pone might be a joke to suprise people.
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