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  1. Oh that's nothing. One year in school (11th grade) I had to do a science fair project. Now me being the lazy person that I am I waited till the last night to do my project. Of course at this time I had absolutely nothing done, except for getting a tri-fold board. Now I start to look around my room and see my ipod and a deck of cards. So I say "I should play music while i have people put cards into a pattern". Now me being the "brilliant" young person that I am, I was able to do testing and writing a paper on the human memory "3 pages" in a good 2 hours. Now during science fairs before I had learned that the schools judges are often easily swayed by nice looking boards and intelligent sounding words. So while designing my board I find some random pictures on the internet, and when putting them down on the board I but some construction paper behind the pictures to give them a boarder. I then moved on to rephrasing some of my words. My question I ended up going with was "Does music have an effect on the human mind". In total it took me five hours to complete my science fair. When i turned it in I had expected at best to get a C, maybe a B, later that day i found out I ended up getting 2nd in the science fair and received a 150 dollar prize . It just goes to show, laziness might get you into serious trouble, but if your intelligent you can BS your way through anything. (Important Note: Kids do not follow this example. You will regret it. I only got completely lucky in this instance and it will probably not end up the same for you) -Noob
  2. Being trapped in a room filled with nothing but physics homework and no calculator Whats worse then having your house condemned due to cockroaches?
  3. Alright first off, i did not call HAAX on your crocket! Just because I'm a No0b does not mean I'm retarded (JK ). Second i have good news for you. There is a plug in for servers that only allow premium accounts on (got the info from the TF wiki, first paragraph under comparison http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Account_types). Third, I'm thinking that maybe we could start up a TPR server. I've notice quite a few people play the game on this forum. There are just two things wrong with this for me. First we would need to make it password protected. Second, we would need a good computer to do it on (not the college laptop i have now). Ill do a little testing tonight to see how well my laptop runs a server -Lt. "I know what a crocket is " No0b
  4. Awesome, a TPR trip to Busch Gardens Tampa. I love that park. (Also helps that I'm only an hour away ) Alright, now I need to raise up some money. Its time to break out the old lemonade stand! God I hate not having a job
  5. Alright I've just got to ask, could they sue the park and win (a substantial amount I mean) with an "injury" case or a "traumatic experience" case (not sure if they even have the latter). Going off the video, it did not seem like anyone got injured, but with how some people act in this case they might try to fake it. And one other thing, WTF is up with the design of that backpack?
  6. Alright I'm going to say this right now. Turning it like that was BRILLIANT. I would have never though to do that. At first i though you were using a mod to do that, but good job
  7. Icees all the way Headache on a roller coaster marathon or nausea during a big test
  8. Have you been to both? Because if you haven't you really shouldn't be commenting in this thread. Anyway, I've been to both events, several times. I would say that each venue has their "on and off" years. But even the best years as USH is very, very, very hard to beat Orlando. In, fact, it's simply just an unfair comparison. The park at USH just doesn't have the same kind of room that Orlando does, and you have to also remember, that aside from the theme park, it IS also a working movie studio, and that plays a huge impact on what they can do. USH puts on a TOP NOTCH event, and it's easily in the top three in the world for Halloween events. Having said that though, Orlando is just on a different scale, and the event blows away anything else I've ever seen as far as theme park based Halloween events go. Every year they have completely original mazes, the "vibe" at the show in Orlando is a lot more crazy and fun (it's probably the alcohol helping that), and there is just more of a "legacy" about the show in Orlando, much like there is for Haunt at Knott's. At the Bill & Ted show in Orlando, people really GET INTO IT, because it's been a legacy show there for 20 years. In Hollywood, people watch the Bill & Ted show, they seem to like it, but you just don't get the same audience reaction, nor do they really seem to understand "why is the park doing a show based on characters from an 80s movie???" It makes sense in Orlando, and it's fun in Hollywood, but the guests don't seem to 'get it' as much. I'd go to both events and form your own opinions. HHN is great on both coasts. --Robb Well I'm glad to hear the one in Orlando is good. Ill definitely try to go this year, unfortunately a trip to Hollywood is out of the question right now (college budget and all).
  9. Full time student going to college for mechanical engineering. Someones got to learn how to build those rides
  10. Hey everyone, its Noob. I just recently moved down to Florida and decided this October i wanted to do the Halloween event at universal. Now I started to do a little research on the topic when i stumbled upon something interesting. When looking at the mazes for Orlando i noticed they do a lot more custom property (ones not based on licensed materials, at least to my knowledge) while the Universal in Hollywood makes most of its mazes based on licensed horror movies. Now I've got to ask, why is that? I mean, i know that Hollywood is where a majority of movies are produced, however with the Universal in Florida, a majority of the "lands" there are themed to licensed properties as well, so why don't they use more (going off the 2010 season, which had almost no licenced properties besides bill and ted or rocky horror, but even still those were shows not mazes.)? I know that the 2009 season was full of licensed properties, but why did they drop them all for the 2010 season? Do the licensed properties really make a better haunted house? I'm just asking for some opinions here because to be quite honest, I know next to nothing about these events. Thanks in advance for any help i might get-Noob
  11. Your car breaking down in the middle of the road outside of Bates manor. Whats worse then having a serial killer after you?
  12. I think it might be. Looking at the photo only makes the accident seem worse .
  13. Harry Potter, hands down Soup or Salad?
  14. Yes, and double yes if the hat is made out of chocolate Are macs really better than pcs?
  15. FFVI is better then FFVII (At least in my opinion. I grew up with an old snes and never owned a ps1.)
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