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  1. It really is a great park , Mystic Manor and Grizzly Mine Train are really great rides.
  2. The view from the room looks amazing, cant wait to see more.
  3. The thing with the media coverage of this tragic accident is, that thankfully Australia has not had anything like this since the fire at Luna Park back in the late 70's. Why the Australian parks are nothing special, they are a favorite holiday destination for thousands every year. This does put a huge cloud over safety at both parks.
  4. Still brings us back to the point that Disney can't use Marvel in the name of anything, nor use characters in there American parks, until they buy out Universal Orlando's rights to use the characters. And Universal ain't giving that up anytime soon.. A Marvel land will never happen in Disneyland or Disneyworld
  5. Sadly got called out to do a LA flight instead, was really looking forward to spending Thursday at the park, it will have to wait till later in September
  6. Sadly that's the going rate these days, the area has got way more pricey since I started going five or so years ago.
  7. i Mine as well, stopped three girls from pushing in to get back down on the cable car, it wasn't pretty
  8. Im heading to the park next Thursday will be in Dubai for the day, looking forward to going
  9. Friend spent the day at the park yesterday ( Thursday ) and said the Chinese tourist where the worst he'd every seen, line cutting, yelling at each other, peeing in gardens, said the day was just awful. he enjoyed the park but said sadly he'd never go back!
  10. Not sure how I feel about this, it was and is sadly a second rate ride against Orlando's tower, but really not a huge fan on Marvel films nor DC films either
  11. River quest looks amazing, love the lift, that drop. Love a great water ride!
  12. Hansa park was such an amazing day two years ago, cant wait to see the pov
  13. Independence Day : Resurgence Sadly a dull boring film, the original was one dumb, fun, thrilling film. This is just dull.
  14. I think the woman on Texas Giant a few years back would argue that ride has the best air time! ( Too Soon! )
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