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  1. It's funny that you mention how there are lots of open tables at DLR restaurants. I've never even thought about how you can walk into most DLR restaurants to get a seat - it's something I'm so accustomed to. But WDW on the other hand, that was a shock - I had no idea that it was pretty much impossible to walk into a restaurant to get a table without making a reservation. As for Paradise Pier, just think.. that's the new and improved version! You missed the off-the-shelf drop tower.
  2. Awesome TR - I love the detail! And I enjoyed seeing parts of the hotels I've never seen. I'm loving your comments about CA!! I've lived here my whole life so I take a lot of things for granted. I'm also hoping you saw World of Color in an actual viewing area? I've seen it a few dozen times and you have to watch it in the designated viewing areas - I've tried a bunch of 'outside' areas and nothing compares; the bridge has the BEST view.
  3. I saw the screens at Carowinds a few weeks ago. They're not annoying like Six Flags. From what I remember, they had weather, ride trivia, park trivia, music videos, and a few ads. They were very pleasant and definitely help pass the time.
  4. ^ So that explains a conversation that some SFMM employees were having about a raccoon. And it also explains a a Q & A question at Knott's.
  5. Awesome photos!! I don't know 'who' she is in terms of acting or whatnot, but I had some college classes with this girl. She's from Temecula and worked at Circuit City when they still existed. Crazy.
  6. I blame the Intamin that towers over Paradise Pier. Or those new lights on Tower - must be sucking up too much energy.
  7. Regarding the monorail wheel issue, was that the orange monorail? That thing was making some weird noises while going around corners on Sunday..
  8. I had no idea there were certain colors of lights for Tower. And I go there multiple times a month. This is why Disney fanatics scare me. Do people seriously complain about things like this? As for the FastPass time enforcement. I had multiple fastpasses that were 'expired' yesterday and didn't even worry about using them. Nor did I care. It was actually nice to not have to run back and forth to both parks, or be committed to going 'way over to that ride' just to use the fastpass - kind of like spending money just because you have it.
  9. Loved your reports! I was also at Dollywood in August (and March) and thoroughly enjoy that park.
  10. It really bugs me that SFMM gets crapped on for the same crap other parks pull. You're telling me Knott's and Disney does no wrong? Also, how is Knott's making an effort? This is the park that continuously builds one train rides that have the lowest capacity. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've ridden a Knott's coaster because I won't wait the crazy lines and I went 5+ times last year with not one coaster ridden. Most of their rides can only run one train (Monterzumas, Boomerang and Sierra Sidewinder) and those that can do more (Xcelerator, GR, Jaguar, Silver Bullet and Pony
  11. This is exactly why my visits to SFMM went from 5+ times a year, to once a year (if that). They don't seem to 'care' about being super efficient, or providing the best possible experience; they just want to 'get by'. I'll spend my money at Knott's or Disney parks, where it at least seems like they are making an effort.
  12. All I heard was screaming. But all I saw was Mariah's attire (or lack thereof); is she related to Dolly Parton, if you know what I mean?
  13. My first thought was why he wasn't wearing a shirt.. That video is hilarious! It'd be awesome to get one of those shirts.
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