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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Yeah I'm really liking the blue train the red is just a little to busy for my taste,no big deal though.


"Maybe the kiddie coaster is actually giant piles of dirt covered with plastic sheets for children to slide down!"


Skycoastin Steve you just ruined one of the surprises that was going to be announced at WCB

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Even down here in Orange County the temperatures have been quite chilly the past week from about 4pm until 9am (when the sun starts to go down until its up again) and when the wind picks up even at noon you can feel the cool crisp air from the North.


I actually like what they did with the trains. I kinda wish they both had the S like the blue car, but at least they're being original. Man I wish I coulda gone to the commercial shoot today! Does anybody know the people that got in?

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Does anybody know the people that got in?


No.. But here is the email response I received:


Thank you for interest to be a part of the Superman: Escape from Krypton commercial filming. There has been an overwhelming response and we are currently full.

We will be shooting Green Lantern: First Flight sometime in May and we look forward to inviting our fans to participate in that shoot as well.

Thank you again.

Six Flags Magic Mountain


Oh well..

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Ugh, I wish I could get down there for the GL filming, let along be able to ride it when it opens, darn it!


I was reading the last few pages and I don't understand the negativity/complaining about WCB... I have never been to one of these events but from what I've read on here they sound totally amazing and I'm sure everyone involved in setting it up puts in a lot of work to make things right, and a lot of fun! I look forward to going to one in the future. Every single TR I have seen on here about an event like this gives the impression that people had an incredible time at the event. So I guess what I'm saying is those that are hating on this need to shut the fu*k up about it, if you don't want to have a super-awesome-amazingly-fun time then don't go and don't complain.



And like someone said earlier about the red car, I too think that is a vinyl overlay, it just looks too goofy for the ride. But if it's not and that is the paint on it, then having the cars different colors like this would be cool.

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Sorry to be off topic, I just watched the news and a very cold system is coming to California. It seems like it will snow again in Valencia

Here's the link to the article: http://www.weather.com/outlook/weather-news/news/articles/unusual-california-snow_2011-02-24


Get out your snow shoes and bundle up you So Cal folks. Here it comes again...

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Actually, Thrill Shot has been at SFMM for awhile, but it hardly ever operates. I think it was already there by the time the one at Cedar Point collapsed in the freezing weather. I am glad that once it's gone there will be a spot open for something else.




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