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  1. Took this today but really no progress since the last photos. Fun fact: Knott's no longer sells lids and straws for their drinks. I haven't been to the park ages so this is new to me. Looks like they went the SeaWorld route except at least SeaWorld has the biodegradable straws if I remember correctly.
  2. Usually if there is an announcement for a ride, in the past Knott's has been notorious for waiting until after Haunt. But everything is speculation at this point so anything is game.
  3. Interesting. Well KBF usually announces things after Haunt so we shall see.
  4. Im suprised no one mentioned this yet but technically we are losing a car lenght on the new trains from what I can see. I dont know the weight difference between PTCs and MFs but it could make a slight deviation in ride time and feel. Thoughts?
  5. Great news about Ghostrider. Been riding it since it opened and miss the smooth track it used to offer. It'll most likely be a Top 10 ride again. Cant wait!
  6. That other angle made it look so wrong. The side view makes more sense, but still the speed going through that and the pop of air should be glorious.
  7. The green side sure looks to be the more intense of the two at the moment. As others said, the animation didn't do this ride justice. Everything is looking amazing
  8. Looking better and better each time I visit this thread. I can already see those trains flying through that section in my mind and all I see is airtime
  9. I find it hilarious how everyone seems so against building a coaster at Knotts. Like its illegal to build one at this park because of the history involved and the small amount of space the park has. Times are changing, and the So Cal market is competitive. The park will build based on what the market wants, and if it is a coaster I have full faith that they know where to put it while pleasing everyone (if not most people) and so that it doesn't look out of place. I personally would like to see something thrilling after the focus has been family rides these past few years, but it looks like at
  10. So, after reviewing the video some more and adding to my first post earlier, I now realize that although this looks like a racer, it is in fact a single track with two lift hills. I'll be honest, this kinda of reminds me of The Beast, but on steroids, and with both lifts side by side. Since this isn't technically a racer then, it'll be interesting to see how they manage to try to race this thing since they designed it like it will race (ie the high five element, and the track interactions with both tracks) Just observations I'm making, and no complaints here about what they decided to do. We f
  11. Looks like we are finally getting a RMC creation, sweet! I like how they made it so it'll still race and the focus doesn't seem to be on the inversions, although I think its awesome we got a high five element and zero-g stall, plus it seems like there will actually be some good airtime moments in there as well. I'm really looking forward to riding this thing. They kept it simple; almost like a nod to the old colossus. I'm not dissapointed
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