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Lagoon Discussion Thread

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Wicked's design was from Dal Freeman from Lagoon, but it was engineered by the stengel group and manufactured by Zierer.


This is wrong. Wicked is designed and engineered by Dal Freeman. The only part the Stengel firm had was to give a second opinion, on the request of Zierer.

That wouldn't explain any reason why ART Engineering would then have been a part of both Bombora and Cannibal then. If they were designed and engineered by Dal Freeman, why would ART need to be a part of it?
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Okay, now I really want to get back to Lagoon as soon as I can. It's only a 10 hour drive from me, so maybe I'll be able to get there at some point next year. Based on what is known about Cannibal and what Lagoon's current coaster collection is, I think the park is about to become a must visit destination for enthusiasts.

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^It does look awesome. Just a shame they had to use trims. I guess the Gs would be too high.

I would argue that the brakes are there for the sheer terror of looking down over the drop rather than G forces.

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This shape wouldn't have been possible without trims. There would have been g-forces you don't want to experience (except if you liked that crazy chinese Screamin' Squirrel ).


By the way, I made an analysis about that drop that I can copy/paste here, it might help to understand it better:


At first I was like "WTF is this shape? It's weird and looks like a poorly-shaped and stretched NL drop!!". But then I get it. The transition between negative g and positive is not just like your average past 90° drop.

I made a drawing (once again ^^) explaining how I think this drop is intended to be:




- The trimmed plunge : Those are magnetic fins, so the train won't be able to stop like a dive-machine here. It will slowly get to 90°.

- Past the 90° mark, the train will roll on it's own. The radius is still quite tight so the airtime will be massive! Heck yeah!

- Now comes the most beautiful part : the zero-g free-fall. Look how it has a parabolic shape. That means you won't feel any g here, you'll float. But as you just had a masive airtime, you'll float at the edge of your seat!

- Then the pull out, where the strong positive g forces will hit. The tunnel will make a darn good headchopper.


So at first I wasn't pleased by this drop, but now I think it's a freaking masterpiece.

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"with extra 0G section", that's the whole point and it changes everything. On El Locos or Euro-Fighters, you go from negatives to positives in one transition, more or less sudden. Here, you have three distinct phases: negative, zero and then positives.

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