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  1. Evermore in Pleasant Grove Utah is actually going to open. It appears to be mainly walkthroughs, but the plans and some visual confirmation do show a train ride in the works. Evermore Park Map
  2. Well they say that if you use your ticket at the gate you agree that services have been rendered. So they're gonna let you in, but once you've entered you've got no recourse if the park isn't actually finished. This thing coincides as a party at the end of Comic Con's Fan-X thing, which Evermore is sponsoring. They won't reschedule. It just might not be much more than a drinking party in a partially finished theme park.
  3. Evermore is opening with a 21+ party on Sept. 8th. Tickets are $89. https://www.evermore.com/tickets/
  4. This thread seemed like a bit of a joke when it was first started, but there's a real possibility that soon a Korea or Japan trip could easily extend into North Korea without much added time and expense. Yeah the rides look like they suck, but with KJU being a bit of an enthusiast himself they may get some better stuff if sanctions are lifted.
  5. The thing with the gift shop/lockers when exiting Cannibal is stupid. Basically, they fenced off that area when Cannibal first opened forcing you to go through the gift shop every time because the line stretched all the way over towards the front of the gift shop anyway and they thought if they let people through that other area they might cut in line. Originally there was a cubby system managed by employees so there was zero chance of getting to the other side. The next year when they built the lockers they had to give them access to both the entrance and exit so that you can get to them both before and after the ride, but they still want to keep you going through the gift shop if possible. The point you seem to have overlooked is that those lockers are completely free for an hour so the ideal thing to do is just use them.
  6. Thanks for posting! It's nice to hear what others think of my home park. Just a tip: You can exit the park at the south end campground exit and you'll be right by the Lagoon campground Subway which has regular prices and isn't limited in options like the in-park Subway. You'll have to walk across the parking lot and under Roller Coaster to re-enter the park though.
  7. From what I've seen it looks like Kim Jong Un is a theme park enthusiast as well as a railfan. The Trump-Kim summit is happening next door to Universal Singapore. I am seriously wondering if they'll take a bit of time to enjoy the rides. Maybe they could sign a proclamation to end the Korean war while riding Battlestar Galactica?
  8. I guess I'll dial it back a bit and say some 'theming' things at Lagoon I've seen lately are garbage, like the front of RC's trains and the logs and the lion mural. It's not that they weren't well made, but they weren't thought out at all. That's awesome if there will really be a train ride in Evermore. I'll actually go see that. Although there's a ton of people here who are into the fantasy stuff that Evermore is all about, I don't like it at all. But for some reason if you put a moving ride vehicle into the mix then I'm all about it. Pretty much a 100% turn around.
  9. I realized there's one more thing that may be of interest, so I'm going to consolidate all the suggestions here to make me feel like I don't live in a theme park wasteland: Lagoon (Amusement park) http://lagoonpark.com/ Evermore (Heavily themed experience park with no rides - opening soon) https://www.evermore.com/ The Void (Unique VR adventure) https://www.thevoid.com/ Park City Mountain Resort (Ski area with alpine coaster, zip lines, etc) https://www.parkcitymountain.com/explore-the-resort/activities/summer-activities.aspx Snowbird (Ski area with alpine coaster, zip lines, etc) https://www.snowbird.com/summer-activities/ Utah Olympic Park (Extreme tubing, bobsledding, zip lines) https://utaholympiclegacy.org/location/utah-olympic-park/ Ricochet Canyon (Unique Train-themed FEC with two small dark rides) https://www.ricochetcanyon.com/
  10. I think the park will do surprisingly well. An abnormally large percentage of Utah's population is kids and younger people. Unlike in some other religions, fantasy/magic/D&D type stuff isn't really frowned upon by the Mormon church, so a huge amount of people here are really into it. Lagoon's theming/artistry/creativity is frankly garbage (except for the things they hired J. Wartnerchaney to do) and I'm hoping if Evermore does well it may convince Lagoon to hire a creative director to try and compete even a little. I really, really hope that Evermore does consider building some dark rides in the future... There's a small retail store here (the train shoppe) that's managed to build two dark rides in their strip mall location, so I feel like Evermore should be able to pull something off as well. It would be a huge draw IMO.
  11. Evermore did not open in 2015... but it is supposedly opening in August 2018... with zero rides.
  12. The trail goes right past the Zoo exhibit that was on the PVRR. There is no other reason for that exhibit to exist. 18 years ago you told me the PVRR never existed and that my very clear memory of it was mistaken so I probably won't take what you say about its layout as fact.
  13. Only the two bridges from the PVRR were used on the Lagoon Trail. The North entrance of the trail is off of Lagoon Lane. I mean that it partially follows the path of the old PVRR, like past the zoo and such. Utah is also where 'The Void' originated, and there's one here. https://www.thevoid.com/ The Void was originally intended to be part of Evermore theme park, which is apparently opening this year, though it doesn't seem they'll actually have rides (yet?). https://www.facebook.com/evermorepark/
  14. You can bring a cooler of your own food/drink into the park and leave it in one of many unreserved picnic pavilions, saving your spot at a picnic table. There will be a whole bunch of other coolers there too and nobody messes with them. You can bring in beer and drink it wherever but not in glass bottles. There's a public trail called the Lagoon trail that runs around the outside of the park, part of which used to be the tracks for one of Lagoon's train rides. It's kinda weird and it shows some views of the park that most people never see. The trail starts in the campground. Oh, and the Utah Olympic park with its zip line, slope tubing, alpine slides, etc is a different place than the Park City Mountain Resort with its zip line, alpine coaster, alpine slides, etc. It seems like people were confusing the two maybe. There's another alpine coaster, zip line and alpine slide at Snowbird too if you're really into it.
  15. I'm guessing it'll be called hakugei and it won't break records or be as twisted as some other RMC's, but it will be a massive improvement on the worst roller coaster I ever rode.
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