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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 620: Our video of EVERY house from HHN 31

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6 minutes ago, SharkTums said:

I guess I just never expected this to be some balls to the wall Maverick type Intamin. I assumed it would be more like Taron at Phantasialand. I'm sure it will be great, but I don't think it's going to be crazy intense or anything. It's Universal and they want a lot of people to ride it. 

The trains are to long for Maverick intensity. I still think this thing looks incredible 

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It looks slower than I expected but there are so many factors at play that I find it hard to judge a coaster from off ride footage, let alone when it's testing. I'm sure when there are bums on seats and the ride is warmed up after running for 10 hours straight it will be quite a bit faster.

Having said that I've not been quite as excited about this layout as some of you guys but I think as an all-round attraction it looks great regardless of the speed or perceived lack thereof.

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3 hours ago, TrippinBillie said:

Not sure if serious.

To add to the discussion, I'm also a little perplexed at how it does seem to be crawling....compared to, say, Taron and watching it go through that scenery.  Just my two cents.  And maybe because the course is a bit more "aggressive" they slowed it down?

I’m serious. I have no desire to ride copperhead strike at carowinds because it stops at the top of loops and it’s the same thing velocicoaster seems to do. Lame. 

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2 hours ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

The first half is quite a bit faster with full trains. The empty trains always crawl. With all the scenery and hang time though, I'm still stoked.

The second half hauls a$$ whether the train is empty or full. That final barrel roll looks top-notch. I don't understand how anybody can take a look at this coaster and *not* be excited! Are you even an enthusiast at that point? 🤣

This is my dream coaster - a thrilling coaster with proper scenery like it’s straight out of planet coaster, but it’s a shame that it goes so slow in the first half. I was so excited for it but now I’m less because of how slow it’s going. I also don’t like stopping at the top of inversions. It’s like, give us a good fast ride, stop trying to make hang time - this isn’t the iron eagle at six flags America. 

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1 hour ago, travelingjumpseaters said:

I’m serious. I have no desire to ride copperhead strike at carowinds because it stops at the top of loops and it’s the same thing velocicoaster seems to do. Lame. 

Imagine having no desire to ride a perfectly decent coaster lol.

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1 hour ago, travelingjumpseaters said:

Thanks for being condescending, your efforts were successful!

I try my best.

But seriously how many times are people going to judge a ride before it's actually open based on some testing videos? This isn't anything new, just wait to ride the thing before calling it slow, or bad, or disappointing or whatever.


Personally I think it's kind of cool to have the first half of the ride be a little slower through the scenic elements and the rockwork, then hit a mid course launch into a second half that's way more intense and exciting. It's such a brilliant design concept that it's almost like they planned it that way or something.......

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Judging rides before they open is literally half the reason this website exists, so maybe don't reprimand people for doing it. Fact is it looks slow AF thru much of the first part of the ride - you don't need to experience the ride firsthand to notice this. Now the question of whether or not this is a good or bad thing is completely up to the individual rider. I think it'll be cool to have a scenic jaunt around the rockwork and other theming at a slower pace in the first half, which will give good separation between the two halves, but not everyone will have the same opinion.

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Two weekends ago I made my way back to the Universal Orlando Resort to experience the new Mardi Gras offerings, but also to get a chance to see Velocicoaster testing. I'll have photos from Mardi Gras to share soon, but I figured I'd start with the most exciting update first, which is a giant Intamin coaster opening in Orlando! IMG_2498.thumb.jpeg.9f88ad56532b7dfd5b5df2bd763eefe2.jpeg

Entering Islands of Adventure, you'll notice something new on the horizon...


I thought my timing couldn't have been better...


A few seconds later I stood corrected.


I finally had the chance to see the Velocicoaster in action and it looks ridiculously fun!


Jurassic Park wasn't the only section of the park that was looking great today!


Passing through Hogsmeade towards Jurassic Park, you get a view of the bowl section of the second half of the coaster...


Making its second loop around before making its way back towards the station.


New Velocicoaster signage has been put up in Jurassic Park matching the styling and theming from park signage shown in Jurassic World in the film of the same name.


The entrance path features several raptor statues.


It is going to be neat to walk this space with trains flying upside-down overhead. 


There are few spots in Jurassic Park where Velocicoaster can't be seen running at this point.


This is a pretty awesome thing in that it adds a new kinetic energy to the land.


Definitely cool to see!


The walls have come down around the first half of the coaster. I was so excited to see the coaster running up close that I totally forgot to get an overview shot of what the area looks like from behind the themed barriers, but as you'll see in the following photos, they allow you to get some really fantastic, unobstructed views of the ride in motion.


The entire first half of the coaster can be seen from this side of Jurassic Park.


I absolutely love this angle...


So I stayed in this same spot for a few minutes to watch the trains cycle.


Velocicoaster weaves in and out of itself in a really neat way.


Time to fly into the second launch!


It really is a spectator-friendly coaster!


The rockwork does a really great job of framing the coaster elements.


Dive! Dive! Dive!


It looks so great!


I also love the design of these trains!


The transition into the 2nd launch is really quick.


Rockwork appreciation...


Zoom... Zoom... Zoom...


I feel like this will probably end up being the most photographed section of the Jurassic Park after the coaster opens.


More fun angles.


I'm ready to ride.


How about you?


The skyline at Universal Orlando has definitely changed!

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Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

I am pumped for this coaster. No, it won't be "best in the world" (I don't know why we ever set those expectations for any new coaster), but it is going to kick a$$. Crazy hang time and theming in the first half, then a 70mph launch into a top hat, zero-G stall, funky inner and outer banked turns, and a fast heartline roll over water? All with comfortable and minimalist lap bars? Yeah, sign me up.

This and Iron Gwazi (and Ice Breaker, I suppose) are all the more reason I am excited to move to Florida in a few months.

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The first half of this one instantly reminds me of Taron in Phantasialand. But in this one, the rock work is so foreboding and "dangerous" how it juts out here and there, around the track. Wonderful shots of the whole area! Thanks for taking the time to stick with it, and get those test shots, LOL!

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I feel like this will probably end up being the most photographed section of the Jurassic Park after the coaster opens.

I think it is already.  ;)

Thanks for the photos, Adam. The ride and the rockwork look great.

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9 hours ago, SharkTums said:

Wow. Thanks for sharing! I really didn't realize how much this is going to be 'US Taron'! The rock work and everything, super interesting. 

It's a "Taronasaurus Rex."

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10 hours ago, SharkTums said:

Wow. Thanks for sharing! I really didn't realize how much this is going to be 'US Taron'! The rock work and everything, super interesting. 

I don't think quite that.  Taron is much more aggressive and fast; this is not.  Check out some footage of the first half....very floaty.  

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1 hour ago, TrippinBillie said:

I don't think quite that.  Taron is much more aggressive and fast; this is not.  Check out some footage of the first half....very floaty.  

I've been on Taron several times and never found it aggressive or fast. I always found it to be more like a sailing ship bobbing one way then the other way! =)

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I mean I didn't expect Maverick! But did expect intense and forceful. It's Orlando I should've known better XD Honestly, long as its a step up from Copperhead Strike I will be happy! That was one that really let down from what I expected. 

Dang those pictures are just amazing. That scenery is awesome and I've seen some clips of it running at night. What a beautiful ride. In all regards, Universal killed it with this one. Super excited, and yeah gunna be one helluva FL trip with this Ice Breaker, Iron Gwazi and I need to hit the Fun Spots! 

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8 hours ago, TrippinBillie said:

I don't think quite that.  Taron is much more aggressive and fast; this is not.  Check out some footage of the first half....very floaty.  

That's awesome that you got to ride this already. Also, how do you rank Taron?

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Going backwards in time, before my stop over at Islands of Adventure to check out the Jurassic World VelociCoaster I made my way through CityWalk and went to Universal Studios Florida to experience Mardis Gras: International Flavors of Carnaval. On the CityWalk front, it has been a time of change as all signs of Blue Man Group's presence at Universal Orlando are quickly being removed, while work starts to wind down on the construction of the giant, new Universal Studios Store location and the existing store begins to transition into a new legacy content theme. 

Mardi Gras 2021 looks very different than previous years because this year there are no concerts and no parade. Building off of the approach of November/December's take on Universal Holidays, Universal has adapted the popular event to shift the focus to food and beverages while enabling a more stationary version of the Mardi Gras parade. Similarly, a new Mardi Gras Tribute Store has opened where the Halloween and Holiday tribute stores opened before. Entertainment and decor can be found at key locations throughout the park, adding a little bit of Mardi Gras flair to the event. Major credit is due to the Universal culinary team for blowing out their menus to add a bunch of new F&B tents and booths to the park--only a few of which were offered in previous years, so many of these culinary experiences are new. 

The best part is, with thirteen countries' worth of food and drinks to enjoy (check out the full menu here), you can buy a sampler lanyard with 10 items for $55 plus tax, or if you're an Annual Passholder, 15 items for $65 plus tax. Basically, that equates to $6 per item for the base lanyard or around $4.70 per item for passholders. Almost all items are eligible to use the lanyard on and with generous portions, a lanyard could easily be shared between two people (or could really fill up someone visiting on their own like me). Honestly, the food quality was pretty exceptional... Quite possibly my favorite seasonal food offerings I've experienced at Universal Orlando to date. While I look forward to the return of the standard concerts and parades that make Mardi Gras even more memorable in normal years, I really do hope that this food & wine festival-style experience carries over into future years' events. This has been a top notch event!


On the way into CityWalk some Blue Man Group advertisements could still be seen.


The new Universal Studio Store in the former PiQ/Fossil/Island Traders space has really taken shape!


The concept art looks really nice!


The space is going to be huge compared to the current store.


Some interesting concept art from the inside of the new store.


I've arrived!


Plenty of new Mardi Gras merchandise can be found in the Universal Studios Store inside of Universal Studios Florida.


The Blue Man Group sign has been removed and the side entrance/exit to the park leading to the former Sharp Aquos Theater has been closed.


Over near the Music Plaza Stage you start to see themed food and beverage booths themed to different countries and cuisines.


In case you're in the market for a Bloody Mary...


Two sizes available.


Floats from the Universal Mardi Gras Parade are parked strategically to allow for photo ops and entertainment interactions.


Hashtag the Panda waves at guests from above...


Credit given for putting some cleverly themed booths together!


Despite the floats not moving, the combined energy of bead throwers and authentic jazz bands brings an energy to the park that is reminiscent of what you'd find during a normal year's Mardi Gras.


A few of the existing food trucks are being used for the event.


The Brazil booth proved to be one of the most popular during my visit.


Tasting lanyard front...


And back.


I was excited to the find that the arepas from the previous food truck menu were brought back for this event and this picadillo arepa was delicious as ever!


Added a few weeks into the event, a tent offering some of the more popular drinks from across the event can be found opposite Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon. 


I really appreciate the fact that they've put out entertainers as opposed to just parking the floats. It makes this a much more high energy experience when walking by.


Even more floats to see...


More details on the Tasting Lanyards... I appreciate that they can be used beyond the event for select snacks and bottled water.


The Pineapple Trini Chow had been offered at last year's event and I loved it then. This year's version is a more substantial serving with two skewers, well charred and seasoned. This was the the one item I went back for seconds on later in the day.


I had heard good things about the Italy booth's Arancini and I was not disappointed!


Some more fun photo ops with entertainers can be found throughout the park.


Some of the booths leverage existing F&B locations during this temporary event.


Fast & Furious Supercharged has reopened for anyone that's interested...


Fresh meat over at the Cuba booth!


I was truly excited to see the Germany have such an extensive menu.


Beers and brats for the win!


There are no special Mardi Gras offerings in Diagon Alley, but there are plenty of delicious options to enjoy here year round!


The Jerk Chicken and the Goombay Smash were both great surprises at the Bahamas booth!


Doc Brown was out and about for socially distanced photo ops!


A dance party was going on in front of this float!


Belgium had fresh waffles in case you were wondering.


Canada gets its own quick service venue!


Beef poutine and a maple sugar doughnut that looks suspiciously like a Beaver Tail... Both delicious!


It was quietly confirmed a few weeks ago that "A Day in the Park with Barney" had permanently closed after a 25 year run. It closed when the parks shut down and never reopened. 


Signage and the Barney fountain were both removed around the same time the permanent closure was confirmed. No replacement for this show has been announced at this time.


The Spain booth makes really clever use of a quiet corner of the park.


This delicious paella is served in a themed disposable paella pan!


Central Park Crepes offers the event's sole French-themed food item, a Poached Pear Crème Brulee Crepe.


This pavilion near the park's lagoon has been turned into one of the New Orleans-themed booths, this one offering seafood boils and beignets.


I forgot just how many floats the Mardi Gras parade normally has!


Pretty neat to see during the day!


Drinks and coasters... Always a fine pairing.


You can still get your beads tossing fix in!


Time to head into the Mardi Gras Tribute Store!


The theming in these stores continues to be on par with the interior of a Halloween Horror Nights house.


Lots to see and potentially buy inside.IMG_2439.thumb.jpeg.9f07b7759c8defcf0f06066572864811.jpeg

A clever way to mask the Made to Order system...


Very Horror Nights-esque.


Fans of the classic Mold-a-Rama machines will be happy to know that Universal continues to update theirs for the rotating Tribute Stores.


Pirates are a prominent theme at this year's Mardi Gras and thus an entire section of the Tribute Store carries that theme.


A pirate-themed Mold-a-Rama...


My favorite part of each Tribute Store is the food section!

IMG_2464.thumb.jpeg.06be2ebbf7ae6684f69459f11c0aaa5f.jpegLots to choose from!


This event's unique gummy is a moving sour gummy skull. The jaw moves while at rest here!


The Vegan Skull brownie makes a return from the Halloween Tribute Store, albeit with Mardi Gras touches... It is still an absolute knockout!


One more Trini Chow for good measure!


Stuffed to the brim, I finished my culinary journey with a strawberry & pineapple caipirinha and a bag of beignets. I was covered with powered sugar when finished, but the end result was well worth it!


One last look at the former Universal Studios Store before the new location opens up!

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