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  1. Anyone else think it will be open well before the 10th, the 10th is 'official' for media coverage? Obviously they'll do softs for weeks prior to 10th.
  2. Thanks for the responses. From the youtube update from approximately 2 weeks ago, here is what was closed either due to COVID or budget: Congo River Rapids Komodo dragon exhibit Treetop trails Skyride Montu Phoenix No shows (indoor so I can understand this) Not to mention Gwazi. I just don't know if it makes sense to leave the beach and pay full price, if this many rides/shows/attractions are down. Our trip 5 years ago was a blast, but this would seem like a huge letdown.
  3. Family decided to take an unexpected Spring Break trip to Tampa next week. Is it worth it to visit the park right now? Saw the In the Loop update video from a few weeks ago, seems like quite a few things are either not running or closed. Family of 5, so I'd hate to pay all the $$ and feel ripped off.
  4. Was really hoping to find an African Queen video on YouTube. No Luck. Anyone know of one? That ride used to scare the he11 out of me as a little kid.
  5. Sorry to report that the bacon pretzel across from Verbolten (that was mentioned on this forum) is no longer available. In fact the worker had no idea what I was talking about
  6. Generally positive review of SFStL from vlogger Theme Park Worldwide. Since they go all over the world and see the best of the best, I thought they would be more critical. Anyway, passing along b/c I think this may be the only video trip report of SFStL, clocking in at over an hour. (Not sure if we can link to another website so I held off)
  7. Thanks. We are staying at the Marriott which is a BGW preferred hotel but there is no shuttle. I have been reading your responses in this thread and they are very helpful for planning. So thank you. Really looking forward to checking out that pub.
  8. know what IS a good look for them? they updated the website: A very nice manager called me back and I think my credit card is taken care of. The poor customer service staff took the brunt of this, as they had to staff up for the holiday in order to answer phones and call back angry customers. Its too bad, you would think the Order to Cash system of a major theme park would be better. This will not deter from our trip as I have been looking forward to seeing BGW for quite some time. Question for the group - How difficult is it to park hop from the theme park the water park
  9. Busch Gardens Williamsburg having a nightmare of a situation. Put a 4th of July ticket sale on-line and the site keeps crashing. Many cards were charged without order confirmations (me included). Two hour wait on the toll free line. Not a good look at all.
  10. They are opening their first water coaster this year: Cutback. Water Country is a very good water park (especially Aquazoid, Big Daddy Falls, and Hubba-Hubba Highway, a fast lazy river). Thanks. I did see the news on the water coaster. I appreciate the feedback. Its easy to just check reviews on Yelp or Trip Advisor but I love to get the opinions from this forum. Haven't been to Busch Gardens in 20+ years so we are excited to get back and check it out.
  11. Planning for 3 days in Williamsburg in July. Original itinerary had us spending 2 of the 3 days at Busch Gardens. That said, is Water Country a worthwhile visit? And if so, is it a full day's worth of activity? Any other water parks that it is comparable to? We did the Holiday World water park last summer, I was very impressed.
  12. SDC did an awesome job teasing Time Traveler (even before they settled on a theme and a name). I would expect more of the same for this new ride. Its something that sets SDC apart from other parks.
  13. Choose your words more carefully. I'm still wondering who suggested the park could be sold. I think it's just you. The Tomorrow Society Podcast Episode 50: A visit to Six Flags St. Louis, August 20, 2018. The last 10 minutes or so were dedicated to trashing the park and wondering if it could be sold or just closed. Give it a listen. And no, I am not Dan Heaton.
  14. You just described every Six Flags park in the world north of San Antonio. The park is not for sale, the park looks like that because it's being run by Six Flags. If its losing money, they may not have the option to sell. They'll just close. This is a business, not a charity.
  15. I want to see the Park do well, it was a big part of my childhood and now its a big part of my kids childhood. My kids went once or twice a week this summer. That said, when I took my annual trip in July, I was stunned to see how many rides were not operating. I saw rides that hardly operated at all this summer (per comments from my kids). I saw understaffed food stations, overfilled trash cans and general park disrepair (peeling paint, over grown weeds, TVs not working, etc) No, I never mentioned on here that the park could be for sale. But, you could see how one could jump to tha
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