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Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Discussion Thread

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Well, I sure hope Hades is back up and running now. I picked a fine time to spend 3 days at Mount Olympus. I'll be there starting Wednesday June 17 with three grandkids. Guess I better hide the videos from them.


Last year I called Hades the "coaster from hell" because it's so painful to ride yet kept going back for more of the absolute thrill of that drop into the tunnel.


On the other hand, Cyclops was just plain painful and avoided like the plague after just one ride.

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^I agree with Erik.


This might be my favorite post ever.


Realistically, though, anyone dorky enough to count "credits" probably wouldn't be stuck with just that one ride for very long. And even if they were, they'd probably totally get off on saying their count was "224.5" or whatever. I know I would.

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I think this is a very smart move for the park. It's something with high capacity, provides something for everyone, and brings some modern slides into the park. I'm excited to finally have the chance to ride a Boomerango, and hopefully that and the raft slide will help reduce the wait for the current two, which can get very long and slow lines. The bowl slide looks like great fun too, as it seems to be one of the models with a ladder inside, instead of dropping you any which way into a pool below.

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Now if only it will draw people away from the coaster queues...


Oh, and quoting for truth:

They should really be spending their money on re-tracking their coasters or getting friendlier staff.

With their coasters they could be Holiday World Wisconsin...instead they may be one of the worst parks in the nation. Such a shame.

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