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  1. The inspector thing caught them all off guard because the state laid them off and didn't inform them. Remember that in the aftermath of the Ohio State Fair accident they changed the entire inspection regime, and now they're much more specialized and are employed by the state. Experiences older than a couple of years are irrelevant at this point. I was informed that they brought back the inspectors about a week or so ago, so I'm hopeful they can dispatch them for inspections shortly if it hasn't already occurred.
  2. :snipped for brevity: Just a few things I want to point out here since I've been entirely absent from this thread: We don't actually know how the flu spreads either and have hypotheses only. Same with SARS. This almost certainly spreads the same ways as those. Reproducability of the virus is going to be much lower in America because we live in more spread out households and are much more likely to drive our own cars to work than use subways or buses with recirculating air conditioning. Case study after case study that's been published shows that outdoor transmission is rare and indoor clos
  3. IIRC there was another CEO as well who was president at Great Adventure before this guy took over. Probably it's more that the investors pulled a ton of cash out of this for themselves, and when that's the case, it doesn't matter who's running it or whether or not the park is "viable" to stay open. It's like Blackstone and SeaWorld - if they can make 3 billion dollars parting out a park and running it into the ground instead of 2.75 billion to run it properly, they'll pick the former.
  4. The wealthy benefactors of 2020 don't see "a classic piece of amusement park history that needs to be preserved and modernized", they see "prime real estate for a profitable mixed-use development with high-end apartments". If we take Apex comments at face value, it's just not a good investment. Makes a profit, but not enough to re-invest to keep it viable. If you're making a profit, it isn't a question of viablity (literally profit is viability), it's a question the margins being such that the return on investment won't be great enough. I don't know how they think dumping a butt ton
  5. Coaster enthusiasts go all the time now. There's Japanese enthusiasts on Twitter and Instagram posting year round, and I can assure you, there's no one at these parks. Most of them operate like the trolley parks of the late 19th century by the rail companies, but by and large the crowds have aged out because the population in Japan is aging so rapidly. Look at when rides were built and you see lots of 70s/80s vintage when the market was booming. It's been stagnant for 20+ years. I'm glad I got to see Toshimaen before it closed but realize that if I want to see many of these other smaller p
  6. I'll believe it being a Harry Potter attraction when I see it. The peak days for the Japanese coaster scene are long over and there's just a couple players left and a bunch of places that seem to be biding their time before they go out of business.
  7. Have we? Goddamn. Time flies. Hold on, gimmie a second. Counting. Uhhh..oh yeah. Went there too. 45. 45 parks. 12 fairs too. Copperhead Strike and Fury 325. Copperhead Strike, Fury 325, and Steel Vengeance. You see, that's because I already thought of the first two. Uhhhhhh......I dunno. The Mondial Fighter that Wade Shows owns I guess maybe? Wicked Cyclone. Sky Rocket at Kennywood. Cedar Point. I already own the pass so I might as well. Cedar Point, and 2 times kinda? Depends on how you count. Unive
  8. The Rodeway Inn that's now the Wolf Inn was closed by the city a couple years ago because a room was found literally caked in dog crap and they had repeated calls for illegal activities. I doubt that the owners (who appear to have rebranded with the intent of getting confused guests who thought they were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge) have changed their tune much.
  9. It's a ride vehicle on a track that moves fast. Sounds more interesting than, I dunno, Flight of Passage. Maybe they manage to screw it up bad, but I'll wait to ride to make a decision.
  10. With two ships in dock when you were in the water park, how were lines? Also, how was the weather (obviously I expect there to be no one there if it was like it had been at MSC Ocean Cay last Monday, AKA about 70 and windy).
  11. Universal Studios and Fun Spot Kissimmee next month. Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Michigan's Adventure at various points in the summer. I've got plenty of ideas - I always do - but until the trips are booked, they're just that. I got to 1000 coasters last year, and almost everything left around me (like as in hundreds of miles in any direction) are kiddie coasters and I'm not that motivated to kill myself for that stuff right now.
  12. It'll be a few more events, actual details on the boat ride they had just greenlighted (which apparently has next to no budget) and Forbidden Frontier Adventurewhatever being relegated to a tombstone for Halloweekends.
  13. The B&M answers are just people trying too hard. Trailblazer, Bandit @ Movie World Germany, Coaster Express, PGA Grizzly, a litany of japanese jet coasters, I mean there's a ton of real answers to this that aren't rides where the other complaint is that there's too much vibration from all the positive Gs.
  14. More like an hour and a half if there's no traffic, which won't happen. Probably 2.
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