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Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Discussion Thread

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14 hours ago, Dan the Coaster Man said:

I contacted the park and they told me that all the rides would be open in the indoor water and theme park, but "only selected rides are usually open in the outdoors and its weather permitting. We cannot tell yet what rides will be open at the outdoor for that day as we also get those information within the day as well". A little confused, I responded back asking if they try to have all rides open and they replied "If the weather is nice, coasters and go karts will be open but the whole outdoor park will be fully open memorial day". So not sure if they are just going to pick and choose what to operate..? I still plan on going, I'll update afterwards.

I went to the park for the first time last year in June and everything was open and Hades and Zeus were running great 

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21 hours ago, SharkTums said:

I'm sure it's a staffing issue as well as weather

Oh please, we all know it's because the coroner hasn't completed their investigations yet.  Keep an eye out for the chalk outlines, Dan!  Good luck!

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  • jedimaster1227 changed the title to Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Discussion Thread

It has been announced that America's First Slidewheel open at Mt. Olympus in the Summer of 2022!




The time has finally come! America’s first rotating water slide is coming to Mt. Olympus Summer of 2022! The rotating water slide ‘Slidewheel’ will be a whole new element of indoor water park excitement above all else for guests to experience year round!

This new attraction combines the movement of a Ferris wheel and the speed and thrill of a water slide. The intricate tangle of tubes on a horizontal axis allows the entire ride to rotate while guests whip through it! The Slidewheel offers all the best aspects of a classic water slide, like speed, g-forces, and even the occasional bit of air time, but its rotation brings so much more to the table. Thanks to the pendulum movement, rotation and back-and-forth motions, the slide experience is like none other ever before!







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^It depends when you visit.  In past seasons you could split up a few things (indoor vs. outdoor, water vs amusement) but you'll have to wait till they put up the info for this summer season if that's when you're planning to visit. 

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