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  1. ^I believe they said there would be a discount for NL1 users. Have they given any hard drive space requirements yet? I've only got 50gb left on my ssd.
  2. I'm looking to get into photography by picking up a DSLR, the kit I've got my eye on right now is a Nikon D3100 with a 18-55mm and 55-200m set of VR lenses. I was just wondering what you guys where using? I'll be doing a lot more than taking coaster pics and doubt I'd ever take it to a theme park, but I've been trying to get a feel for what others are using.
  3. What do you mean "Hell"? Is it the filter? He means we all thought Flying Turns would finally open when hell freezes over, or when pigs fly. Which according to this image appears to be turn as well now....
  4. Just to throw a wrench in the cogs..... But seriously, thrillville is garbage
  5. ^ I'll bet this thing will have plenty of airtime. All of those wacky transitions on the overbank/top hat will provide for some interesting sensation. It will be also interesting to see how they fit this into the Yukon territory. And, sorry if this has already been answered, but sure they STILL using Z-Forces station?
  6. Six Flags + RMC = WIn. Seriously, these hybrid and topper track coaster are simply mind blowing!
  7. I really wish I was around for the original great america, I fell that I would have enjoyed it more in its original state than what six flags has made it into.
  8. Yay.... uh... Where did you find that? Give anyone about 10 minutes and a computer and you could have yourself one of those.
  9. With enough effort, yes. There also the two outdoor theaters that the park hardly ever uses. As proved time and time again, if they want it to fit, they're make it fit. Just look at X- Flight!
  10. I believe LSMs can function as eddy current brakes if no current is applied to them. There's rare earth magnets on the trains and when there is no power through the LSM fins they are just conductive pieces of metal, meaning when that magnetic field interacts with the fins it should slow the trains down.
  11. I checked the TPR web store, and maybe I missed it, but is there anywhere I can buy that T-Shirt? LIMs are the ones that screech. Just look at the Intamin Impulse coasters, LSMs have slightly different principles and require more precise control and it seems that companies have finally master them. Superman has LSM motors too and from I understand it took them a long time to get all the bugs worked out and it functioning correctly.
  12. I'm looking for some feedback on this camel back, I think its looking pretty good, I also tweaked the first drop a bit. Enjoy!
  13. So after talking it over with my fiends it looks like I got fucking played. Apparently she's done it before to another guy for this years homecoming dance and did it to me for prom. She gets someone to like her and take her to the dance and then loses them a week or two later. It goes along well with her massive ego and it looks like she's already going after someone else. Just great. Fuck her
  14. ^ I'd have to agree with Robb, I;m always jealous of your European and Asia trips for all the OMFG intense coaster you guys get to ride. X-Flight is fun and all but I'd rather have a Mega-Lite
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