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  1. I really don't think Wonderland would ever add a hotel, since the large suburban sprawl in Vaughn the park pretty much sits inside of a city, and a large majority of guests live within driving distance (almost 5 million in the GTA). That being said, Knotts has a hotel and is in a similar situation to CW
  2. Universal does it best, almost all major rides or coasters have free lockers for the duration of the ride wait time + a couple mins extra. Really makes lines fly through with no one having to secure lose articles or slowly place their bags in bins than slowly return to their seats. I have no idea why people bring so much stuff to the parks, seriously!
  3. We also have very little theme park competition. Besides 2 kids parks in Toronto there is really only one place to get on some thrill rides. If someone else opened a theme park a similar size to Wonderland they would do very well, just look at Southern California and how many parks they have in a small area.
  4. The construction areas do seem large, especially the one behind Minebuster. However, they seem very spread out and it seems difficult to route a coaster from Skyriders plot to that large cleared area behind Mindbuster which makes me think that it may not start where Skyrider is.. who knows this could be a Maverick style coaster that travels the entire back area of the park.
  5. Dragon fire almost never has a line near the end of the day, if you see it with a long line just come back later. Here is how I would approach the park - Get there at least 30 minutes before opening, there are metal detectors and bag checks which take a long time and could let you miss the rope drop -Skip buying / getting your Fast Lane bands and go straight to Guardian, ride the Fly right after followed by Thunder Run and The Bat. They are all basically right next to each other. -Pickup your fast-lane bands and enjoy the rest of the day. With Fastlane you can for sure do the park in one day.
  6. I was at the parks last week and it was very busy, probably similar crowds to what you will see. Something to note, even though it says the park opens at 9am we were already in diagon alley in line for Gringotts at 8:30 with 0 wait, so I would try to get there 30 minutes before the posted opening time. After seeing Diagon alley I would recommend doing transformers as the line gets long. With express pass on the Saturday you will have no problems seeing everything. All the water rides have long waits after noon so I would do them early in the day or after 5. Hope this helps
  7. There must have been a serious incident regarding loose articles on those 2 rides (guest got struck by an object, someone got hit from a falling hat ect...). Either that or too many guests were complaining that they lost their cell phone on HRR, what did you expect! It has a 90 Degree lift and insane turns!! I was there last Saturday, they were forcing everyone to use lockers but no metal detectors, IMO thats a bit much.. but something serious must have happened if they are going through this length to prevent lose articles.
  8. That double down drop looks like it shouldn't exist, maybe its the angle that the photos are taken but that looks absolutely insane!
  9. Busch Gardens actually offers a FREE bus from a couple places in the Orlando area. https://secure.mearstransportation.com/MearsExpress/BuschGardens.asp Use that link and select your hotel, it should give the spot where you get picked up. I used it in December and it was pretty good, the only disadvantage is that the bus arrives at the park past 11AM, so if you were hoping to get there at opening it probably wont happen. The bus ride is about 1Hr 30 Mins, and if you want to go to BGT I would say it is worth it.
  10. Sledge-Hammer is a pretty fun ride, its disappointing that it is closed so often, even though the park is getting better at fixing it.
  11. Is it going to be a motion sim ride? I thought it was just an addition to the Studio Tram Tour?
  12. Why is Opening Day on Sunday at CW? Is Sunday a more significant day than Saturday in Canada, or is there some other reason? Sorry if I sound dumb. Actually, yes. More people tend to do their leisure activities on Sundays (at least where I am in Southern Ontario, anyways). In some areas it's even the busier day for grocery stores and what not. I'm not sure why they wouldn't open on the Saturday though, if only to take advantage of the extra operating day at a time when they are only open on weekends... I mean, as nicman mentioned above, it's been Sunday for years, but now that you mention it, it actually is a good question as to why Sunday. It has been Sunday since at least 2002 when I first started visiting the park. I belive the reason is because one of the major 6 banks in Canada rents out the entire park, usually TD or Scotia. The weekend before opening day is also often rented out. For whatever reason it is always the Saturday before opening thats rented.
  13. Hi all, I have plans to visit Universal Studios Florida on either the 28,29,30th of this month, I know its a horribly busy time but I really want to experience Diagon Alley. I see that the park opens at 8AM on all 3 days, Should my first stop be Gringotts? Or does the line for that get shorter later in the day? Also, I was seriously considering Express unlimited, But the $150 price tag seems very steep. I have been on every ride at USF before except for Gringotts and Transformers, so those 2 are my priorities, and since the regular express pass is only 1 ride on everything I am leaning more to express. I seem to recall USF having a queue bot type system? Do they still have that system available? I looked online and saw no mention of it, and if anyone knew the price for that, that would be great. Any advice is helpful, thanks.
  14. Just got my gift today, and I wanted to say thanks to my santa (Bbomser), The gift was excellent, I actually needed a new belt and this was absolutely perfect! Also, finding a Mustang news article to wrap the park maps was great. Thanks so much! On the top is the Mustang belt. Also included was a Bob's Space Racers book, it was really cool to see all of the games available for purchase. Love the wrapping paper around the maps! All of the maps, as well as a nice card. Thanks again!
  15. My gifts should be at my giftee's house on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 by 8pm
  16. My giftee still hasn't posted what he/she would like! If they don't post soon I will just have to take a guess
  17. ^ They are currently constructing a hospital on land that used to be owned by CW, in this case a road that lead to the staff parking, as well as a parking lot exit has to be removed, and re-routed to allow for construction. From what we have seen in the past couple pages the progress on the supposed "new ride" is moving along quite well.
  18. This looks awesome! But I bet it will be trimmed to death, still, it should be an excellent ride. Has the groundbreaking for the tower begun yet?
  19. I love this! Anything themepark related would be awesome! Park maps, coaster models, anything you think is cool, I probably do to. I absolutely love Ford Mustangs, anything related to them is amazing. I really like anything to do with car brands, but Ford, and specifically the Mustang are my favorite. I would not mind a T-Shirt, but I already have almost every Mustang T-shirt. Anything cool related to Mustangs would make you awesome. I also really love the show South Park, anything related to the show would be cool! I also like the movie Step Brothers. Please do not send me any books I will be honest I really don't like them and my house has no room for them, Also, I really do not want any video/board games, just not something I am into Also I am a t-shirt size large.
  20. What is that random ride plopped in the middle of a field? I also visited Coney Island for the first time this year, it was excellent!
  21. ^ Cedar Fair owns a lot of properties in the area so I really don't see them purchasing Darien Lake.
  22. I can't really say I will miss the hat.. The Chinese theater looks much better as a centerpiece even though I think it should be updated soon. Any speculation on what rides will be coming to Hollywood Studios? Monsters Inc. door coaster? Toy Story playland?
  23. Anyone else go to Haunt this weekend? I would love to see some more reviews as I am visiting on Friday and want to know what not to miss.
  24. I have found this year to be the busiest season I have come across in the past 4-ish years. Every time I visited (5-6 times) all the queues have been packed and the park was extremely crowded. I also always visit on rainy days or cool weather, guess it doesn't help.
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