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  1. Will Cheetah Hunt be up and running by early April? I'm already booked for a visit there at that time. Would be great to be among the first riders.
  2. Looking way forward to any ClubTPR one or two day Midwest event. And... the good news... looking forward to an April Orlando trip with 3 days of ERT's at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure... the bad news... it's an A.C.E. event. ;(
  3. Great America Gurnee. 6 times Cedar Point. twice (3 days each trip) Holiday World. once for 2 days Kings Island. once for 3 days Six Flags St. Louis. once for 2 days Will have to do better next year.
  4. Um. Don't see this trip listed in Club TPR Events. Is this a new Platinum Club TPR bash or sumptin? BTW, love all the Wisconsin palm trees.
  5. Gee Robb, talk about bad timing. Would love to go, but we're leaving on August 13 to attend the COASTER MAYHEM event at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City on Aug. 14 with a side trip to Six Flags St. Louis on the way there. Kind of a Midwest conflict of interest or something.(
  6. Thanks for the photos. It was our first visit to Holiday World and we were pleasantly surprized by everything. It's a beautiful park and we had an awesome time.
  7. Sure hope the Gurnee park keeps the goodies in their 2010 book. We took good advantage of the Friend Free deal in '09.
  8. Bummer! Just read the part about: "**NOTE** All Six Flags and Cedar Fair (Knott's Berry Farm) season passes MUST be processed prior to the event date. Out of state season pass vouchers will NOT be accepted. Got my Cedar Fair 2010 Platinum Pass in late September '09 at Cedar Point and all they had were vouchers... my new pass can't be processed until Cedar Point reopens... May 15, 2010. And I got the others who would go with me Six Flags Great America passes for Christmas... and, you guessed it, they sent vouchers that have to be processed at Great America Gurnee, Illinois when they open on April 24. At least Great America had 2010 available when I did Fright Fest, so I am covered personally for Magic Mountain... but not Knott's even though I paid for their pass well in advance. Double bummer!
  9. Round trip air fare from Chicago to LAX on Southwest $333.20 per person tax included. A get-away to sunny California in March should be worth it! Unless tragedy strikes before then, count me in.
  10. Just ordered 4 of dem hot hoodies (and a t-shirt) for Christmas presents for the other coaster lovers in the family... to keep them from drooling all over mine.
  11. Well, I sure hope Hades is back up and running now. I picked a fine time to spend 3 days at Mount Olympus. I'll be there starting Wednesday June 17 with three grandkids. Guess I better hide the videos from them. Last year I called Hades the "coaster from hell" because it's so painful to ride yet kept going back for more of the absolute thrill of that drop into the tunnel. On the other hand, Cyclops was just plain painful and avoided like the plague after just one ride.
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