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  1. This a no-picture thread, cause I did not have a camera along on this trip, but I did ride some of the best coasters out there. Worlds of Fun We arrived at Worlds of Fun by opening and we headed to Patriot right away but when we got there it was closed cause maintenance was running late, and then we headed to Timber Wolf and maintenance was running late, so we then headed to Mamba and that's where the fun started. Mamba - 17th Credit - This was one of the better coasters there, my state park Valleyfair has a similar ride by the name of Wild Thing, but Mamba tops Wild Thing very easily. The big drop was amazing in the back, the airtime hill was amazing and the giant curve and the bunny hills really made Mamba that much better. I got two rides on Mamba. 8/10 Boomerang - 18th Credit - I really enjoyed Boomerang, I don't know why people are saying they are jerky and are headbangers, because this one was smooth. The best part of this ride was going backwards through the loop and cobra roll. I rode Boomerang two times. 7/10 Prowler - 19th credit - This was a really fast and exhilarating ride, I sat in the back twice cause you get propelled over the lip hill and get a crazy ride. This really is one of the top wooden roller coasters out there and I rode Prowler three times. 9/10 Patriot - 20th credit - This was my very first B&M roller coaster and it did not disappoint. They were running two trains so the queue line was never too long. The drop into the loop was amazing, and the zero-g roll caught me off guard, the Immelman was one of the better parts of the ride, Patriot never let up until it hit the brakes. I got a total of three ride on Patriot. 10/10 Spinning Dragons - 21st credit - Exactly the same ride as the Fairly Odd Coaster in the Mall of America, but this one spun a lot more. The line was long and we only got one ride on it. 6/10 Timber Wolf - 22nd credit - I came into the ride knowing it was rough, but I didn't think it was going to be that rough. It was the worst coaster there, but it was the funniest cause it was raining and my friend was wiping away rain from his face and his face slammed into my shoulder during the ride. 6/10 Overall, I would give Worlds of Fun a rating of an 8 out of 10. Silver Dollar City At 62 dollars for an admission ticket, this park isn't worth it or maybe we went on a bad day, but other than the wait times I had a great time. Wildfire - 21st credit - As soon as we arrived to the park we headed for Wildfire, we waited for 15 minutes and sat near the back and the ride did not disappoint, I loved the ride and it is definetly a hit at Silver Dollar City. I got two rides on Wildfire. 9/10 Powder Keg - 22nd credit - We waited 45 minutes to ride Powder Keg and it did not disappoint. I like the transfer track at the beginning of the ride, the launch caught me off guard but the ride was a lot of fun. I got two rides on Powder Keg. 8/10 Outlaw Run - 25th credit - Outlaw Run is my new favorite roller coaster, we waited one hour to ride but the ride was definetly worth it, I really like the theme and the drop is amazing, the 153 degree over banked turn was incredible and the ride experience is like nothing else, the double heartline rolls were amazing. 10/10 Overall, I'd rate Silver Dollar City a 8/10 cause of the ridiculous wait times.
  2. Outlaw Run is looking amazing, that OMFG roll looks amazing. I can't wait to ride this next summer along with Iron Rattler and New Texas Giant
  3. Taking it down is great for the park, it was just sitting there rotting. In 2014, I could see an Intamin Gigacoaster, similar to Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion.
  4. RMC should do a full blown Topper Track treatment and put the Timberliners on Hades at Mt. Olympus. I don't know how much room Mt. Olympus has to expand but I think it would be cool to see a RMC Iron Horse track similar to Hercules that was a Dorney Park. It fits the theme of Mt. Olympus, and also Mean Streak should get the Iron Horse treatment.
  5. Sorry, forgot about topper track and the Timberliner trains. Just a lot of work on the track and test it with some Timberliners and I hope it would make it smoother.
  6. If there is a Mt. Olympus Discussion Thread, please tell me. I rode Hades early in the summer and I didn't know what to expect, I heard it was rough, fun, and many different things. Hades could really use the RMC Iron Horse treatment, I don't know if they could do the treatment with the steel supports. But I would definetly go back if that happened to Hades.
  7. This looks amazing, I want to get out to California to ride this. The top hat over the vertical loop looks great. I do think it looks short but it does look great. The backward launch is interesting, but it could've been left out. An interesting addition to SFMM.
  8. This looks amazing, I can't wait to ride this. I will definitely need to make a trip to ride Outlaw Run, Iron Rattler, and New Texas Giant. This looks great but Outlaw Run looks better. I have nothing against Iron Rattler but Outlaw Run looks better. Technically, Outlaw Run will be the first wooden coaster to go upside down, as Iron Rattler will take 8 months to complete.
  9. I will definetly be building a trip around going to Silver Dollar City, this new addition to SDC looks insane, now they should relocate Ozark Wildcat from the closed Celebration City park in the future.
  10. In Excalibur's spot they could put a Intamin Blitz Coaster similiar to Maverick, even it could have the twisted horseshoe roll and maybe one or two more inversion, Valleyfair! is a very good overall park, good selection of roller coasters but it needs to take out Excalibur and put in something way better. Just my take on it.
  11. Okay, those rides would be huge but it's something Valleyfair needs, and I didn't look at what those rides cost the parks.
  12. Just take out Excalibur in the back and maybe Thunder Canyon and put in a Intamin Blitz similiar to Maverick at Cedar Point, or take out Corkscrew and put in a B&M Floorless similar to Hydra or a B&M Wingrider in Corkscrew's area. Nothing huge but it would certainly attract new guests to the park.
  13. I went to Valleyfair yesterday and had a great time, I went on Thunder Canyon twice and didn't even get wet. I remember when you would go on that ride and you would get soaked, and now you hardly get wet, and I went on Excalibur and I remember when that ride had decent lines, now it has no lines. If Valleyfair would take out Thunder Canyon and Excalibur they could put an Intamin Blitz, or take out Corkscrew and put in a Bolliger and Mabillard Floorless Coaster or a Bolliger and Mabillard Wing Rider in that spot. Other than those things it was a great day at Valleyfair. Just a few ideas.
  14. Hades at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park. It hurts but it's still a great ride.
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