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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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As a fan of the ride, I would admit that Millennium Force doesn't have "crazy" airtime, execpt on the first drop. It's about the height and speed. But I have heard other enthuiests talk about how they like the airtime. And the GP are obsessed over the ride, so I can easily see why somebody would say that.


Last weekend at Coastermania I was getting off the train ride. There was a lady pointing at Maverick trying to convince her kid, who was like 8 years old, to get on it. She was saying "It's not bad at all-look how short it is. It's shorter then Iron Dragon, and Iron Dragon is much more intense then it too!"

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This all took place at the same time on the same ride. The first thing I saw was someone talking and texting while riding on the Vortex. I was kinda just waiting to see the phone slip out. We then got stuck in the brake run for about 10 minutes when these 10-year-old kids were first shouting out at the mechanic as a 'hey notice me' thing then yelling out at the workers below: "Hey, we're stuck! We're S-T-U-C......(insert clueless pause) Uh....K on the Vortex! We're going to die! (In the brake run? Come on...)" At this point, I was getting quite uncomfortable as my restraint clicked down a notch so I was a bit squished and the kids were not helping.


Another GP I heard was on Demon. I'm guessing that the people were looking at the worn spots of paint on the rails where you can see that silvery metal. I heard comments saying "I think that's where they messed up on the paint and missed some spots." The overall track is pretty well faded, glad they didn't see the spot on the first drop that shows the 'Turn of the Century' white.

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^Have you even ridden Millennium Force? That kid's description pretty much summed up my rides on it last Wednesday.
Yes I have ridden it, and after the first drop I had about zero airtime. The bunny hop is good, but those two adjacent large hills were just boring and forceless, along with the rest of the ride. I know it may have just been the days I rode it, but I've heard the same from many other people. It may just be one of the hit-or-miss rides, who knows.


(I'm not saying its not fun. It's tall and goes fast, which is what its supposed to do, but I would rather have a small forceful ride than a spread-out large one. That's just my preference, and that's why I like GCIs and CCIs so much.)

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Last night at SF Great America, I went to ride Raging bull. There was a person trying to hide a basketball under their clothes. They were stopped and told to use a locker for the basketball to which they said "what basketball?" The problem was, they hid it under a clear poncho.

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"GP" as in the general public...does talk radio count?


My sister is a big fan of those AM talk radio shows. At 3:30 am yesterday Tuesday ) morning my sister calls me out of bed and demanded that I tune into this am station from a nearby town. as they were talking about amusement parks. I did and the radio station was running "Michael Medved".


Having worked in radio in the past and listened to many of programs over the years..THIS WAS ONE WEIRD SHOW !!!!


Michael Medved...the host was going on and on about how some "little boy" "from Pennsylvania" ( just the name of the state was given ) had got HIV from riding the coaster after the park had one of their "naked days". Acording to the host two men were riding the coaster naked and the next person who took that seat, the little boy had sit down in the car only to notice his pants was wet..well a few days later the parents took the little boy to the doctor and now the child has HIV. Then the host goes on and on and on about how people with HIV and AIDS shouldn't be allowed to ride roller coasters or any other rides in amusement parks...to protect the health of others. And being a radio talk show, there were "callers" and all of them either supported Medved and/or they claimed they knew "other people" who faces similar situations as this little boy and at other amusement parks.


Ah yeah...there were a number of red flags here...duh !!!


1. not once during the entire show was a name of an actual park past/present was mentioned..not even in those "phone calls". Just states and many of them where those callers came from like South Dakota doesn't have an amusement park while others like Ohio have several but again no names were given as to exactly where this was "supposed" to had have happen.


2. Can't catch HIV just by sitting down in coaster car or simply by sitting down anywhere period.


3. "naked days"???? What the.....?????


4. The phone number to his show...well I tried calling it only to get a notice that the number was "unavailable". Why am I NOT surprised !!!


5. Michael Medved himself...read some of his columns when they appear in USA Today. Have to wonder what kind of meds he is taking.


.....and many radio stations want to know to why so few people listen to the radio nowadays. Gee..could it be its due to people like Michael Medved being allowed on the air? Hmmmmmmm !!!

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3. "naked days"???? What the.....?????


Don't know about full, naked days but parks have tried to get a record for most naked people on a coaster at once. Wikipedia claims that Nemesis holds the record with 32 people. A naked day wouldn't surprise me with Alton, they have had gay days and were going to have a muslim day, which was cancelled.

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Yesterday I had to hit the E-Stop on Rolling Thunder (Great Adventure) because these two idiots were wondering around the infield.


Anyway, I had to go up the lift and talk to stranded riders, and these girls asked me if I could push the train backwards into the station!


Nothing beats when I had a break down two weeks ago and I went out to the stranded train and a sixteen year old girl was demanding I unlocked her restraint because she left her BABY with a random stranger so she could ride


-Dainan "People are generally retarded" Rafferty

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Nothing beats when I had a break down two weeks ago and I went out to the stranded train and a sixteen year old girl was demanding I unlocked her restraint because she left her BABY with a random stranger so she could ride


I could only hope she was making the story up just to get off the ride, but something tells me that she wasn't lying.

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These are some of the funniest ones I've heard....


On Tatsu:

(I suppose the guy mistook it for an inverted coaster)

Guy: Hey, man!

Me: Yeah?

Guy: I wonder....what if the restraints don't lock properly? Won't you fly right into the front of the big loop thing?

Me: Uhh, no, you would fall face-first down to the ground first.

Guy: Why should that happen? Inertia states that an object in motion would carry on moving in the same direction!

Me: nevermind, the ride's safe.


OK, first of all, why isn't he concerned about falling out at any other part then?! And second, the law of inertia only states something along the lines of an object in motion tends to remain in motion, and an object at rest tends to remain at rest - nothing about direction. Not wanting to be a nerd, but that guy's a nerd WANNABE.


I'm not sure if this counts, because the funny guy was actually the ride-op.


Guy getting off Scream!: Bleurghhh! *Throws up on exit platform.

*Everyone covers their nose*

*Ride Operator cleans up, while guy and friends just wait on the platform*

Guy: Bleurrghh! *Pukes again this time on exit line*

Ride Op: Do me a favor, go puke on Batman instead!


(A train on Superman: The Escape @ SFMM goes up the spike and falls backward)

Boy: Mom, does it go backward?

Mom: No, roller coasters can't go backward! Don't be so silly!

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This thread makes me want to go to a park and just spout off as much nonsense as I can to see if it'll show up here. Stuff like "I heard they took the back car off of Terminator because people fell out, so they replaced it with that weight box." Or "The story on the Incredible Hulk coaster is real." Maybe "Some guy cut in line at Corkscrew once, and someone pushed his head into the queue rail, killing him."


The best one I've heard: "Magnum XL-200 is the most cloned coaster in the world." That was from a ride host on Magnum in 2003.

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