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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Uh...lemme think...

First off, when we visit a theme park we are part of the GP but we tend to exclude ourselves from the rest of the GP being as we are enthusiests...but we all get your idea.


Anyway, here's one...(believe it or not this was a ride op)

Curious SLC rider: How fast does this go?

Ride Op: This ride goes about 80 mph.

Curious SLC rider: Really? That's pretty fast.

Me: *looks at cousin* you know, this ride only goes 50 mph like the rest of it's clones.

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I have often heard funnier things come out of enthusiasts mouths. Coker's columns were famous for them.


Favorite GP Moment:

Waiting in line for the Log Flume at Kennywood in the mid 80's


GP: What do you have in your pockets?

Me: Nothing.

GP: Gimme your money.

ME: But, I don't have any money

GP: Gimme your tickets.

Me: You have a wristband on.

GP: Oh. C-ya

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I worked in the PKI during the 95, 96, 97 and 98 seasons. Let me tell you, there were times when you laughed your butt off, and times when you wanted to scream at the ignorant questions we got asked. Here's a sample:


"Are you on an Island?" (We're in Southern Ohio, what do you think?)


"I make films featuring dogs in human situations. Can I come and film some of my dogs ON THE VORTEX?" (WTF??? Yeah, come on ahead. Meanwhile, let me contact PETA)


"Can I just come into the park and look for my daughter/son/mother/best friend" (There are 40,000 people in the park today... sure, come on in, I am sure you'll have no trouble spotting them")


"My wife is a rather large woman. Will she be able to ride the rides?" (Boy, I bet she appreciated him making that call)


"Is it going to rain today?"

"What time is it going to rain?" (Dude, if I could answer these questions do you honestly think I would be spending my summer weekends sitting inside a office talking to you for $6 an hour?)


"What kind of rain will it be?" (um, wet? Acid? Cats and dogs?)


"Should I still come if it's raining?" (do you mind walking around all day in wet shoes and clothes?)


And this doesn't even begin to cover the crank calls, complaint calls (especially after "gay day"-those were in a league of their own) and obscene calls we got!!!


Shari "But, hey, at least I got to eat a lot of funnel cakes at the employee discount" Shoufler

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I'd never get a job that required me to answer phonecalls - It's like a magnet to imbacils. I do not have any good stories to share right now, but I just felt like slipping in a comment.


Hey, CoasterFanatic, was that guy trying to rob you or something?.. Really lousy attempt...

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The two stupidest things I have ever heared were at SFMW; here they go:


Preppy girl: Uh, excuse me guys this is the fast pass lane; the regular lane's over there.


Cousin and I: Uh, no this is the regular lane. Fast pass is by the exit.

preppy girl looks towards the exit and asks the ride op if that is the fast pass lane; ride op says yes so she just heads on over there.


another one is this:


On Kong at SFMW my cousin, friend and I were riding up the hill on this coaster; when we hit the top our friend started screaming through out the ride; "I block your 6/6 creature with my 10/10 wyrm and add armidillo cloak and it gains trample this round dealing 20 damage to your 5/6 elven warrior.. or someting like that. He also was screming random things like "thdhgkhdi!" and laughing about it. This went on through the whole entire ride.

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Don't you think that is any bad, a friend of mine was doing his incredible sheep impression on the entire duration of Daemonen... Well, I would've said something goofy too, but it was snowing... How many of you have ridden a B&M when it's snowing, huh, huh, HUH?

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Hey, CoasterFanatic, was that guy trying to rob you or something?.. Really lousy attempt...


Yep. A REAL lousy attempt. Kennywood went through a pretty tough period back in the mid 80's to early 90's. Jacking up GA prices, installing metal detectors, and banning gang colors took care of it pretty quick though.

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I'm standing in line for Grizley Run/ GL. This lady behind sees a group leaving the exit and says;

lady: i wonder if that happened on this ride.

I say: I'm sure it did. (it was over 90 degrees, so i add): I hope it's cold water.

lady: Well, I better not get wet! I'll sue 'em!.


There was a ripple of laughter that shot through the line.

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Waiting in line for the Lethal Weapon SLC, heard a young girl and her friend...

1st Girl "How does it get up the hill."


2nd Girl "There are motors on the train"


1st Girl "Are they wireless controlled"


2nd Girl "They must be".


Did I mention that they were blonde.....

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The first one that cames to my mind was from when I was a CM at Universe of Energy. Standing inside Epcot this guy says..."We just came from Disney World...how do I get to the MGM Grand?" hahaha The CM in me had to say "Well, to get to the MGM Studios you need to..." but the smart ass in me really wanted to say "Go out here and take a right, then another right and exit the park. Then get in a cab and go to the airport. Then buy a ticket on the airline of your choice to Las Vegas. Once you're there, I'm sure someone else can help you."


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I overheard a mom saying this to her kids during a thunderstorm at Clementon Amusement Park...


"Don't you know anything? Lightning is the electric shock. Thunder is the electrostatic discharge. Didn't you learn anything in school?"


I wonder what she learned in school, because lightning and thunder are defined below according to Wilkipedia...


Lightning is a powerful natural electrostatic discharge produced during a thunderstorm. Lightning's abrupt electric discharge is accompanied by the emission of light. The electricity passing through the discharge channels rapidly heats and expands the air into a plasma, producing lightning's characteristic thunder sound.


Thunder is the sound of the shockwave caused when lightning instantly heats the air around it to up to 30 000 °C (54 000 °F). That super-heated air expands rapidly, then contracts as it cools. The rapid expansion/contraction generates sound waves, making the sound that is called "thunder."


Because sound and light travel at different speeds through the atmosphere, one can time the interval between them to roughly estimate how far away the bolt of lighting is. The speed of sound in air is approximately 340 m/s (761 mph), while the speed of light is so fast that the lightning is seen only a few microseconds after the event, so the lightning is approximately one kilometre distant for every 3 second interval (one mile for every 5 seconds).


They're also the names of the trains in Lightning Racer.


I wanted to correct her so bad, but I laughed at her to myself and come on, it's Clementon Amusement Park!

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Two guys in the waiting line of Alpina Bahn at the Düsseldorf Fair last week:


1st: Lets go to the front car.


2nd: Lets go to the back.


1st: C'mon, let's go to the front!!!


2nd: No, lets go to the back, it's faster!



redunzelizer, at that moment assuming the train would be way shorter, if not turned backwards when hitting the station brakes....

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I remembered 3 lovely incidents from when a friend and former CM at Fort Wilderness told me some of the outrageous things the GP has said or asked.


1) resort guest was seen approaching an alligator at the shore of Bay Lake with his little daughter. when asked "what do you think you're doing?" he replied "I was just going to put my daughter on this here alligator." "that's a real gator, sir." "oh, I thought it was audio-animatronic."


B) resort guest called down to the main desk (at Ft. Wilderness, mind you) and asked if they could turn down the volume of the frogs outside as they were keeping his family awake.


III) resort guest was afraid to leave his cabin because there were ninja turtles hiding in the trees waiting to kill him.


I wish I was making #III up, but sadly it happened.


oh, then there was the time where the parents of 3 younger children put the kids to bed then headed out to Pleasure Island. the oldest child was found wandering one of the loops (layout of Ft. Wilderness cabins/campsites) trying to find his parents. WDW security had to track the parents down and sadly, since children were involved, Orange County PD and Child Protective Services had to be called.

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One of my favourites, while standing in line for the Great Movie Ride at Disney-MGM Studios - "Is this a ride?"


No, they just call it the Great Movie RIDE in the hopes that people will come in and walk through.



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At PKD last week, there was a mom and her daughter in front of me in the line for Volcano, and while they were watching the trains go along the track, they kept asking me, "Does this ride go fast? Does it go upside-down?" Mind you, they were watching the train go through a CORKSCREW when they asked...

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"What time does the 3 o'clock parade start?"


that one is always a classic.


Actually, that is not at all a stupid question. The implied meaning is "When does the 3 o'clock parade get here?" Depending on where you are standing, the 3 o'clock parade may start as late as 3:30.

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