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  1. On a recent trip to Great America I have heared these rather interesting comments concerning rides/Haunt event: While getting ready to ride Grizzly I heared this guy behind me say "I'm not gonna wear the seatbelt. It doesn't fit right." (Really? You aren't going to wear your seatbelt because it doesn't fit right? Please don't ride next to me then.) Apparently some GP feel the fire isn't real on Firefall. "Hey! Is that actual fire in the water?" (No, its not real fire. It's fact fire that is on the water, and fake fire that shoots out of the volcano things in the back. You just feel t
  2. Halloween Haunt was the best!! My favorite one is Slaughterhouse. They did some nice revamping in that one. Underworld Ally had some real nice theming to it. The theme music went right along with it. All the other mazes and scarezones were pretty cool too. Although Club Blood was a bit weird...due to it being backwards. Carnevil was awesome and the clowns around the area can be very presistant. I should know becasue I kept running from them. I still want to try and go a few more times before the park closes for the season.
  3. Try being in the wave pool at CGA and have GP swim under the area roped off. They keep doing this despite being whistled at by the life guards. Ummm.... yeah.... did it ever occur to them there is a reason as to why the area has been roped off in the first place I have also seen the gp hang onto the walls in the deeper parts of the pool. Now common sense would tell you that this is something that you do not do. Especially if the life guards need to jump in during an emergency. I have also seen a kid do the dead man's float while exiting the lazy river. At first I thought something hone
  4. I was at CGA with Angry Gumball getting ready to get off Vortex. When we were waiting for the train in front of us to dispatch I heared this woman behind me say to her friends "They need to make this ride more stable." Really?? More stable?? On Drop Tower, this group of young teens ran all the way around the tower to find a seat rather than go onto their assigned row. After the ride was done the ride operator stated "please go to your assigned cabin. Do not run around the tower in search of a seat." On White Water Falls this kid told his group that there was room for three more people
  5. One time I was at Great America with my cousin getting ready to go on the swing ride when I saw this lady with her kid. Now this kid was under the Cannot Ride line where one measures their children to see if they can ride. The kid was under the line and I clearly heard this lady say "We'll get you on. Nobody will really notice." I think 'Oh really?' They check the height at the beginning of the ride to see if your child can get on and you still think you can sneak him on with no one noticing?' I make no comment.
  6. yeah...had a blast!! From the Water Challenge on Medusa (thanks for dousing me with two cups of water Gumball lol) to the Yellow Shirt Takeover on Firefall. It was one of the best times I have had at a theme park. This is something I wouldn't mind doing again.
  7. One time I was at Great America preparing to go on the log ride in the early evening. Because it was a bit cooler then one guy in line behind me asks me "Hey, being as its getting a bit cooler out do you think they'll lower the water a bit? Me: Uh, no they don't lower the water on this ride
  8. I acted like the movie The Grudge didn't scare me much but in reality I couldn't fall asleep until the wee hours of the next day.
  9. http://www.myspace.com/dingokitty
  10. what gets me is that you can be off the clock and some guy/girl will see that and come up to you and want to know where stuff is. You try and ignore them and they look irritated when they ask you the question. Like one time I had this one guy who kept following me around trying to get my attention. He wanted to know where stuff was and I had some donuts and a soda in my hand and I turned around so he could see them and me eating. I told him "I think your product is on aisle 7." And he just looked at me and said "Thanks." He looked irritated. Oh, well too bad.
  11. I saw it.. it was a cute flick. I'm going to get it when it comes out on dvd.
  12. I use to eat cat food at my grandmother's house. (when I was young) then she found out and that was the end of that. Another time when I was younger out of boredom I grabbed one of our rottwrieler's (I think thats how you spell it) dog buscuits it tasted nasty so I spit it in the dog's face and he licked it all off but looked at me like I had lost my mind.
  13. People that tick me off are the people (co-workers) get mad when I am helping customers...I mean are we not supposed to do that? I work with certain people that seem to be annoyed when I tell them I am busy with a customer...I cannot and will not drop what I am doing to run and get them a price check if I am busy helping a customer.
  14. I got mine from watching a movie about killer worms so I thought up the name squirmy wormy
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