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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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I practically crapped myself. Its so true!!!



Here's another one I heard a long time ago.

"Cedar Point Coverts itself with a tarp that stretches over the whole island so it can be open during the winter. I know cuz I saw it in real life."


I still don't even know what that thing was smoking to this day, but whatever it was, I think I'll stay far away from it. <>

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Haha, these threads keep popping up on various forums and I still laugh each and every time.

Sure, some of the things they say may be blindingly obvious and silly to you, but that's hardly a reason to mock them.


Oh man, one day I'm going to start a webcomic dedicated to the joys of coaster enthusiasm (Or lack thereof)

Like this


LMAO! So true.

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Somethings I've heard:


"Nitro is as tall as the Empire State Building"


"Kingda Ka flew off the track thats why it is broken"


"On Rockin' Roller Coaster the restraints came undone and we flew into another train"


"On Batman my restraint came undone and then went back in the loop"


"RAMT goes straight down"


"Does this go upside down" - this was on Batman and Robin


I really wish I could correnct them...but every time I try they either yell at me or start arguing.

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Let the GP get on with it I say. Why let their outrageous (and often comical) comments ruin your day. I was the same before my days as an enthusiast, and I'm sure most of you were too. Though probably won't admit it


I know I wouldn't like it if some know-it-all enthusiast interfered in a conversation that I was having amongst friends however absurd the facts were.


The worst is when an 'enthusiast' shouts down at the GP for being wrong, and then comes out with a load of garbage themselves.



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I asked the kids at my lunch table for stupid GP sayings.

Here you are:


"The Batman ride (at SFNE) is 200' tall!"

"Superman (again at SFNE) is the tallest coaster on the planet!"

"I went to Six Flags and rode Medusa AND Wildcat!"

"What's the best coaster ever?"

"Where's Superman?" (standing in front of Superman)

"The net (on Hulk) is to catch people who fall out."


"Where's X?" (My answer: "About 3000 miles from here.")

"Scream goes upside down!" (Scream is an S+S Space Shot, FYI.)

"How many Immelmanns are on this?" (pointing to Batman: TDK)

"Where's the coaster that launches you at 100 mph?"

"I heard that Boomerang fell off the track!" (Could happen.)

"Look! Someone fell off a coaster and landed here!"

The above quote was the result of a joke involving a gallon of paint. My friend and I poured a splat of paint on the ground near the SLC, then hung around and waited for a GP to notice.

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^ some of those aren't very "stupid GPish"

In particular the where's X question, or the how many Immelman's are on this ride. Sounds more like questions they want to know because they can't recognize the element but you blabbed to them about it and they're curious.

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One of my favorites from work:


(At night as the last guests are leaving, and we're throwing in the automatic pool vac in the 500,000 Gallon Wave Pool)


A Dad says to his son, "See they drain the pool every night with that, and fill it up by the morning"

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The moment we walk thru the park gates, are we not the "The General public" as well !


Or do you really think because you know a little bit more than other people, that you don't fit in thay group any longer?

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Some of my favorites that I heard from school are....

"did you know that Hades has a mile long tunnel?"

"Why doesnt Raging Bull have those shoulder things? Cant the people fall out because of all the upsidown hills?"

"The reason Raging Cajun doesnt spin on the first have is because the spinning axel would cause too much friction and the car will fly off"

"When we saw UF 15 people fell out of the car"

"How do you get in the seats of Superman UF when the cars are tilted down and you are facing the ground?"

"The reason De Ja Vu is always broken down is because people keep falling of the verticle lift"

"I was on V2 and when I was going up the spiral, i puked, went backwards up the verticle spike, and when I went back up the spiral, the puke hit me in the face"

"The Giant Drop tipped over during the winter and they had to put it back up"

"how do they take down and put up all the rides during the winter?"

"how do they rin the water slides and water rides during the winter?"

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A few I've encountered over the years...


"We've got to ride Psyclone. It's the fastest wooden coaster in the world."

(Someone looking at X) - "Wow! I bet that thing is 100 feet!"

"A friend of mine rode Flashback last week" (hasn't been open for years)

"I got stuck in the loop of Viper few years ago"


Also, a friend of mine kept insisting that the figure on top of Superman The Escape is Spiderman. He changed his mind when I rode the ride with him and pointed it out.

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Working at Cedar Point for 6 years, I've heard my fair share. Let's recap:




(While I was loading guests on Mantis) - "When do I sit down?"


(Standing in front of Mantis) - "Does this go upside down?"


(Waiting in line for Top Thrill Dragster) - "That's where it joins Iron Dragon..." (referring to the brake run)


"Does Wicked Twister go upside down?"


"Where's the rest of Wicked Twister's track?"


"How many times does maXair go upside down?"


(Standing in front of a sign that says 1/4 hour) - "Wow, it's only a 25 minute wait!"


"What's that green ride? The one from Jurassic Park."


"What if it stops upside-down?"


(Standing near Wicked Twister) - "What ocean is that?"




I'm still partial to questions/statements regarding weather and a rides operation. It seems to me that the GP is misinformed in that certain rides have to close for rain while others do not.


"Millennium Force is running, why aren't you? (referring to Wildcat)


"When is the rain going to stop?"


"What if it doesn't stop raining?"




Mechanical issues throw a whole new breed of questions into the mix.


"Didn't someone fall out? That's why it was closed for an hour..."


"Do I have to fasten my seatbelt?"


"What if the lapbar comes up?


"Didn't the green train on Millennium Force go into Lake Erie?"




The list could go on forever!


That being said, the general public is there not to analyze every sector of a rides mechanisms, but to HAVE FUN! Most could care less about some things, and unfortunately, you don't have to be a genius to get into a theme park. But I feel that a little bit of common sense goes a long way, and alot of the General Public (not just at Cedar Point) seem to lose that aspect during their trip. It's the same thing when I see a newscast on TV of a rollercoaster that was stopped. It's stopped for a mechanical issue by the SAFETY SYSTEM - not because it just wanted a ham sandwich! Most of the GP are already weary of rides, and the fears that their friends put on them only intensify these urban legends and so-called truths. But hey, that's just my two cents.

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Same here...I'm not going to say I was ever so knowledgable in the coaster world. Here's a few I have said:

(Looking at KBF's parkmap) Hey, Jaguar has a loop! (What I saw was one of the coaster's helix type thingies)


Hey, how does Tidal Wave work? There's no chain lift...does the car have an engine in it and just take off? (Refering to PGA's Tidal Wave/Greased Lightning before I heard of launched coasters)


Hey, SFMW's copying off of KBF with the boomerang coaster....Hey, Six Flags is ripping off PGA...Six Flags Great America...Six Flags is a copy-cat! (I then learned about the cloning of coasters and learned about how SFGA used to be PGA's sister park.)


Won't you fly out if you go upside down? (Ok, I was in like the second grade there)


Lastly while looking at PGA's old park map's Demon, I thought the corkscrews were inverted loops (Loops that are literally upside down) until I actually saw a picture of the corkscrews.


We've all made noobish comments at one time or another!

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SFOG on September 11th, two little kids with their mom have a lovely conversation (with a group of coaster enthuiasts in fron of them)


Little Boy: "When they want you to feel G-Forces they turn on magnets"


Little Girl: Yeah, 4.5 G's can kill you


Little Boy: I saw the man at Georcia Scorcher turn the magnets on, it's a miracle we're alive

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While waiting in line for the coaster formally known as Mr. Six's Pandemonium:


Person 1: "What is that?"

Person 2: "That is the Cyclone. It is like, the tallest wooden coaster in America."


Still waiting in line for the ride:


Person 1: "This is a cool name for a ride."

Person 2: "Cool name? I've never even heard of the word Pandemonium, or however you say it."


Waiting in line for Kingda Ka:


Dude 1: "How fast does this thing go?"

Dude 2: "128 mph"

Dude 1: "Dude, that is nothing. I was just going 120 on the turnpike."


Waiting in line for Superman Ultimate Flight:


Idiot 1: "Do they make coasters that you stand up on?"

Idiot 2: "Yo, I don't know man, but that is a GREAT idea! I bet you could make a lot of money on that."

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Post the funniest thing youve heard a GP say. Here's Mine.


"I flew out of the car on SMTE and held on to Superman!"


In Goliaths queue:

"Oh my god! They don't lock you in over your shoulder?! I'm getting out of line, how unsafe!


Waiting for Vu to open at SFMM:

Guy Behind Me: Don't ride it, it broke once and the train was stuck. (Turns to ride op) Don't try to deny it, my freind told me!

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At Hersheypark, on a slower day they had the middle train of Wildcat roped off because there weren't many people in line and they didn't have that many people checking restraints. People waiting in the station were convinced the reason that part of the train wasn't being fully loaded was so the train wouldn't tip over (due to it not being balanced I guess). Everyone around those people believed it too.


edit, since the thread was merged, I realize I posted the same story on page 2, I forgot about that

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