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  1. Hey guys. I don't come around much anymore, but I feel like I should reply to this topic. Daniel will be greatly missed, and I pray for him, and his family. I hope his last few days were enjoyable ones. Rest in Peace. Thanks, Scott
  2. FYI - I apologized to both robb and elissa. Thanks all.
  3. *Knowing in advance that my post will be deleted* I believe that you should follow the rules of TPR if you are going to enforce them. I am sure that if I posted a thread similiar to this it would be deleted. I would probably be told that there is a thread designed for random thoughts. What gives you the right to break the rules you constantly tout? Way to set a good example.
  4. Most Americans don't know what we are fighting in iraq for either.
  5. LOL Elissa shows up. http://www.themeparkreview.com/cruise2006/cruiseday4_13.jpg
  6. LoL. I would pick F... A house on the beach sounds nice.
  7. I smoked for a few months in highschool. I got really sick that winter, and the doctors found I had acute bronchitis. I quit soon after that.
  8. This woman doesn't deserve the millions of dollars she's made.
  9. I have ridden both and found California's to be much more enjoyable.
  10. It's easy to organize TOT. Simply turn on both of the Videos at the same time, while the videos are playing launch the elevators. While the elevator is dropping, restart the video.
  11. Is this an individual bowl body slide or is it the pro slide bowl?
  12. Why am I suddenly attracted to other males??
  13. Aww... I'ts good to know you had a good time in florida. I'm sure it will be nice to get back to germany though! Best of luck to you.
  14. Samson - Regina Spektor. I usually don't like her type of music, but she is very talented.
  15. Not exciting for me, but I bet you californians love it! Won't the palms and orange trees die?
  16. Right off of I-25 and Highway 4. Lands being looked at. BS. I don't believe it for a second. Give a link. There isn't a market in colorado for a 300 acre park - elitch's is rarely even busy. Nicole - The SF site is still selling passes. Why not buy it there?
  17. Great - thanks for clearing that up... Oh and it is a bummer to hear that the Paris coaster has gotten so rough. I imagine it was fantastic in it's heyday. Also, if anyones interested theres a video of California Screamin on youtube.
  18. Robb, do you seriously think the florida version is better? It is so much rougher. Anyhow - the change looks terrible and I hate the new announcer.
  19. USA has the itchy trigger finger too. We INVADED a country on the off chance that they had such weapons.
  20. Irony... Please look over your sentences . You can't expect us to believe you when you make a mistake like that.
  21. yeah, maybe for Halliburton... but not for the people of America or Iraq. Killing Saddam has done nothing for iraq. If anything, his death will tend to strengthen the hand of Sunni insurgents in recruiting people to their cause. Even if Iraq does become free, the war will still rage on between the Sunnis and the Shia. Now the people of iraq are free, but they have a destroyed country and a civil war on their hands. We sure did alot of good in iraq -
  22. Bull... Now that Saddam is dead, the Iraq war will not be ending, the war will just be intensifiying. Most Iraqi citizens actually thought life was better with Saddam under power... Don't even start with the patriotic, freedom crap. Freedom for the Iraqi people is most definitely not a short battle away.
  23. I was absolutely wasted last new years and mooned someone.
  24. I am a genius. Also, this belongs in the random forum.
  25. Nope - all highways are closed - most avenues are impossible to get on. The trains are all closed as well. Besides, amusement parks aren't that exciting in the snow. And no, an 80 degree christmas would suck. Seriously.
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