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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Overheard at SFOG:

"I don't ride wooden roller coasters - The make weird noises"


Also during the March Florida meet, we overheard some people (on the monorail) talking about Splash Mountain breaking down and having to go down it like a water slide. The people they were talking to actually believed them. If SM broke down (especially after TPR stuffed a boat with 12 people), I doubt that Disney would let people ride it like that.

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These are the best that I've heard!



"Dude! I got stuck on the top Kinda Ka for like, a day and a half!"


Wow, how many loops does that have?" (Pointing at a Windstorm coaster.)


"No, I'm not going on that. It turns you around and sends you over a cliff!" (Referring to the water ride in Norway at Epcot)



I've heard more, but I can't remember them!

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M(y nephew looking at Anaconda @ Gold Reef City)


"That coaster's engine must be really small to fit in that tiny space in the front."


I explained to him that coasters works with gravity and the chain is there to pull it up and then let it go, but he thought i was kidding!

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(Standing near Wicked Twister) - "What ocean is that?"


Okay, that's your winner right there. What OCEAN?!


I've heard my fair share, but it usually just amuses me. It's only annoying if they try to argue their incorrect "fact."


Once, while working the railroad crossing at Supreme Scream at Knott's, I had an Asian lady ask me where "The Wheelbarrow Ride" was. She didn't speak good English at all, so I was understanding. I stood there for about five minutes trying to figure it out with her, and finally, after eliminating several rides, I figured out she meant the bumper cars, which is named Wheeler Dealer.


This was a very understandable case, but I got a mental chuckle out of it after helping her on her way.



Although you wouldn't know how many times people asked me where Supreme Scream was after passing its entrance from the north side--and obviously missing that 300 foot white tower (the drop is 255, but there's about 50 feet of structure on top of that) next to them!

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"Yeah, walt disney died in 1996. It's so sad that he never saw Islands of adventure open"


Thats a good one! How about these from my time on the WDW College Program...


"Where's the bus to Disney's Islands of Adventure"


"When did they stop the monorails from going to MGM Grand Studios" (this one was just wrong all over the place)


"Is this Disney World?"-as asked by guest in Magic Kingdom parking lot


"Where is your transportation to Universal Studios?"-as asked by guest in Magic Kingdom parking lot


"Do you have any hotels here?"


"What time do they start letting people in for free?" (yes he was dead serious about this question)


"Where's THE Epcot?" (for some reason people think that Spaceship Earth is called Epcot and everything is inside it)


"Can you hook me up with some tickets"



Guest: Where can I get the monorail to Animal Kingdom?


Me: I'm sorry there is no monorail service to Disney's Animal Kingdom, there is only bus service to that park.


Guest: UGH...well then where can I get to ferry to get there?

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Oh I can think of a few times....


Apparantly, Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom turns you upside down, but you're going so fast that you can't even notice it.


It turns out, S:ROS at SFDL's lift hill goes 35mph.


Twister at SFDL's restraints came open while it was upside-down, and everyone fell out and died! Oh my!


Did you know that Mind Eraser at SFDL used to have 11 cars per train, but the last car fell of and into the lake, drowning the passangers? Because of this, it is now illegal for U.S. parks to get rides from foreign companies.

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When working for BGE on BBW opening day:


"How many times does this ride go upside down?"


My response: "Depends on..

1. How much you had to drink (at Festhaus)

2. If it does (go upside down), please let us know, because its not designed to.

3. (Guest must have lost their "brain-locker" key..lol).


True. Many guests are not "coaster-enthusiasts", but do enjoy riding them. It really is a ride operators responsibility to inform the guest(s) about the ride/attraction and be able to answer their questions as to it's design layout (inversions, etc).

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In August of last year I opted for a non-Qbot visit at SFNE, and at one point I was in the B:TDK queue (specifically behind the station). Thee three guys were in front of me talking about the rides they HAD done that day, and the ones they were GOING to do after B:TDK, and I overheard this (my thoughts in bold/italics):


Says one: "Have you seen that Switchback ride? It goes backwards up a hill and down through a bunch of loopty-loops, then it goes backwards." Clearly referring to Flashback


Says another: "Isn't that the one some guy died on early last year?" Obviously S:ROS


Says the first: "No, that was the one just like it down in New Jersey." I haven't the foggiest idea WTF this was referring to

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I have a classmate who is absolutely convinced that she almost fell out of Mamba at WoF.

"My seatbelt broke and then the bar came up and my dad had to like hold me in and I was soooooo close to falling out."


Another classmate:

"Oh my gosh, you guys - Worlds of Fun is getting this new roller coaster and it's like 200 feet and you go like really really fast and you go upside-down like 20 times!"

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Today, we had to pass the Canobie Lake Lab where you could do a dodgem lab or roller coaster lab (I chose Dodgem because either that or I would have to do the Corkscrew scene we didn't time the Cannonball and I didn't get to ride) and I read a person who did the Cannonball and he said before he timed it, he thought the cannonball goes 100mph!

Also, my friend said that 10 people died on "Superman in Conneticut" and one of them was a girl in my class cousin! I said "then that girls cousin is 55 and its in Massachusetts"!

Finally time I heard a general public mistake is that a very popular kid in my class said that "The Corkscrew has 2 loops" and I corrected him saying that 1. The time you go upsidedown is called an inversion and 2. the inversion Corkscrew has is called a corkscrew!

I'm sure I've heard more, but my class of 2012 (Except me) are coaster dummys!

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When working at BGE during the heyday, we used to have an inside joke about how guests really do ask some strange questions. We adopted a theory that all guests had to rent a "brain locker". A brain locker was used when guests enter the park, rent the locker, put their brain inside of it, and explore the park. Hence, the reason for many of the obnoxious and obvious questions..lol (Similar to chickens with head cut-off).


Another couple of incidents:

1. Guests/Family standing IN FRONT of LNM (Nessie):

A. Where do we find the LNM?

B. Does it go upside down?

C. I "heard" it goes over the lake-is that in Scotland too?

(rolling on the ground-lmao).


2. Working maintenance on DF:

A. Why is the ride down? "Because the dragon was breathing fire on the guests and we had to put out the flames...hehe" (Their response-"Don't you use fire extinguishers for that?)


3. Alpengeist: (Walking around with some former managers in the park)-Guests waiting in line-

A. How come the riders don't bring their skis?

B. If we find the 'ghost' do we get out money back? (WTF)


4. Apollo's Chariot:

A. Where's Apollo?

B. This (train) doesn't look like a chariot. (Dogh)

C. Where is A/C? Isn't that the ride where Fabio broke his nose? (Opening day incident).


*Ta-Da! The brain lockers are now OPEN!*

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This is dangerous! I heard this kid at my school when he was talking about BGE: "THe last time I was there, the Sidewinder was Closed. You know that ride where ypu go up the lift hill backward and then you go through 3 loops and do it again in reverse?". I immdiatly corrected him saying that ?Sidewinder was at Hershey!

I'm surounded by Coaster idiots!

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^ same here. Kids at my school reckon a Galaxi is scary! And not for the safety reasons...


Yeah, the general Public can be a bit stupid, but really, big deal if someone didn't like it because it didn't go upside down. Thats his opinion, and you never know, he mightn't of been general public. He might of been an enthusiast like you, but just didn't like it.


anyway, people in AUstralia have claimed to of ridden Drop towers 3 times as big as the Giant Drop (which is the biggest in the world). They also claim that this drop tower was at Walt Disney World. I don't see any drop towers there, other then the tower of terror .

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My sister doens't like any coaster that doesn't go upside down.


She reckons that if she thinks of a coaster, she thinks of a loop. I've told her that the best coasters in the world doesn't go upside down and sit on TOP of the track. (she also told me, that its waay better underneath the track than untop.)


Strangely though the GP can have some knowledge; my brother once looked at an SLC while waiting inline, and he told me "This is an inverted coaster isn't it?"


How he knowed that, i'll never know!

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At SFMM, I was walking around and these guys said, "Hey,lets go ride

THE X"! It just kind of sets me off. But before you jump on me for being taking it too seriously, you wouldn't call the movie "Titanic" "The Titanic". Or call "Jaws" "The Jaws". Whatever, I'm just saying that X is called X not THE X, maybe I should just see a DOCTOR! AND GET MY PILLS!

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*about to board batman and robin the chiller* "this is the fastest roller coaster in the park!"


*views kingda ka* "does this go upside down?" just look at the damn roller coaster! it’s not that long! do you see anywhere that it goes upside down!? my God gee pee piss me off.


the greatest one yet… my cousin and i where walking through the golden kingdom at great adventure, my cousin was in his work uniform and was approached by this women that asked, “do you know where wooden coaster is?” hahaha i nearly pissed myself.

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ya one instance at worlds of fun on opening day i was standing in line with my friends to ride the new roller coaster called patriot. i swear we have been in line for 30 minutes and are halfway through the line when i hear someone say "oh does this ride go upside down?" and her friends were all like whoa YA! i thought about just telling them to leave and they didn't deserve to ride.


and one of my friends favorite rides at worlds of fun is the boomerang it makes me want to stab him in the back of the neck with a pencil.

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Hey there is no law about liking a Boomerang.


There is only one think I like to do to the GP is make bets with them for money because no one knows I'm obssesed with Coasters and like stuff with whats the highest coaster and stuff so I get funny answers said to me.


I think i've made about $5.00. Not bad eh!

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