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  1. This is horrible! Those photos are very hard to look at; it's like something out of Final Destination, only this was real. Prayers go out to the victims and their families, especially the girl who died (not sure why the translation says 'boy,' it's definitely a girl in Spanish). The engineering of this ride does seem a little counter intuitive, but you'd think that it would still never be allowed to reach a point of catastrophic failure! I guess the initial conclusion that might be jumped to is that the inspections may not have been up to par. In any case, Fabbri's in some bad sh*t too.
  2. Yeah, it's really weird to me that nothing went off. The sprinklers definitely should have gone off, unless the fire occurred above them somehow and failed to heat them sufficiently to release the valve. And no fire alarm is definitely suspicious. The building has them; they should have worked. Someone's looking at a potential lawsuit here, because that's absolutely unacceptable that nothing went off. Get the right lawyer in here and yeah... money can easily be dispensed. But all of that said, I'm glad nobody was injured--partiers, firefighters, or Robb. Those are amazing photos. Thanks for posting. Just a reminder at how fragile things can be.
  3. Man, just epic stuff. Great pics, great time, and great update!
  4. Now edited to be a Photo TR. Music inside the station wasn't really music. I thought the "X2" whispers were funny. My friend and I kept on asking each other "what ride are we on again?" It amused us, although yeah, I can see how it gets annoying.
  5. Went with some friends yesterday and had a nice time. Park didn't seem super fantastic splendid in totall rebound awesome, but it didn't suck. Some park operations were amazing. Others were lackluster. Overall, it was a mix of the varying reviews I've read. X2 had a two hour wait that was probably up to 2.5 hrs when we got off at 12:40. The ride is nice, though. Not much smoother, but the new station theming, soundtrack, paint scheme, and fire effects do add a lot. The line has been redone and there are TV's that show random extreme sports vids and bloopers... and stuff from Break.com, oddly enough. Tatsu ended up being only an hour wait when we got on late afternoon. The line started out long earlier in the day and just kept on getting shorter and shorter. The new museum atop the Sky Tower is awesome. Loved watching the old Magic Mountain commercials, and the video and photos made me realize just what people are talking about when they think about the park's good old days back in the 70s. It definitely looked really family friendly. A place I would have loved to visit. Viper, Ninja, SCREAM, Revolution, Gold Rusher, and Collosus were walk-ons. Riddler's and Batman had half hour lines. Locker policy didn't seem enforced. In fact, I noticed a guy who was forced to wear his fanny pack and sweatshirt because the ride ops wouldn't let him leave them on the side. Tatsu also didn't enforce its locker policy. With two stations and two trains operating (meaning each train returned to its same station always), people just left their stuff on the floor. One of the ride ops on Tatsu did engage the riders waiting in line, even when some of them were asses and gave him a hard time by ribbing him about his height and age (kudos to Jeff... or "Jeffy" for putting up with it). Revolution was rough. Just painful. And SCREAM! kinda sucks now too. It was never great to begin with, but it's noticeably head-bumpy. Collosus had a great crew, however, and they hauled ass. The Johnny Rocket's is good by SFMM standards and terrible by Johnny Rockets' standards. SFMM food still pretty much sucks compared to the local parks. Only downside of the day was when my friend lost his VW car keys and his Samsung phone on SCREAM. He came off and they were gone. We filed a report, and hopefully, the park will find the stuff and mail them to him. I suppose this may end up being one way to judge how the park has improved, because two years ago, another friend lost his phone on Tatsu, and they never found it. Then again, it's Tatsu, and it's pretty hard to find something on the mountain. Still, it'll be nice if they do find it. Would indicate effort. Overall, I don't care to go back again soon, but the park doesn't seem to be horrible. Definitely encountered more enthusiastic employees than in trips past, but there were also plenty of employees just going through the motions. It think it's a good direction, but Magic Mountain will definitely have to maintain this for years to come before things can really turn around. Kids are gettin' big! They wandered down the mountain and decided to enjoy a stroll along the games area. And then there were... GEESE!!! Tired of getting made fun of for the horribly hilariously bad Spiderman 3, Spidey decided to ditch Marvel and join DC. Viper and X2 look pretty rad together, freshly painted, especially when viewed from the Tower. This guy is so badass for wearing the cape. Him and the 2948 other people wearing the random various-colored Superman capes that day. I'm sure this pic gets posted occasionally, but still... uh.... X2 looks sexy. Really do love the recoloring and theming of everything! It's hilarious how absolutely atrocious the parking lot trams are. I think this is the most dangerous ride in the park!
  6. Awesome vid! Port Aventura is an amazing park, and it's good to see the traditional TPR vids back!
  7. Wow, looks like KSF better watch out. HHNH definitely has them beat on pure quality, and if they can up the quantity, we might have a new Halloween Theme Park king. I look forward to hitting HHNH up... even though it'll probably be the last Friday of October, which means it will be MAD crowded. Oh well. So other than the Terror Tram, it sounds like camcorders/cameras were perfectly ok in the mazes and scare zones. That's good to hear.
  8. Cool updates! Seeing Venus painted is kinda weird. But it looks like a super fun time with lots of train pics. Altho somehow, this trip seems less crazy than the Spain trip. Prolly cuz KT is there enforcing good behavior.
  9. Since I really haven't been to that many theme parks, I didn't realize that many parks had an enforced "put stuff in lockers" rule. I think I would be annoyed if I found out I had to pay to put stuff away, while I would pay it if I had to, I wouldn't be happy about it, and it would make me less likely to return. I think the same can be applied to the GP, who will overpay for stuff, but then won't come back as often if they're dissatisfied. To me, it all comes down to the fact that you "have to" pay for the lockers. Apparently, Busch Gardens and Cedar Points (both of which I've never visited) have this policy too at some rides. Well, honestly, I'd be disgruntled at that too if it was enforced. It may be only two bucks in the grand scheme of things, but it just seems like an insidious way of grabbing as much cash as you can. Then again, I'm a cheap Asian. Although I have to say... what if you're the type of person who brings a bottle of water with you so you can stay hydrated? Is it your fault if you're unhappy you have to pay two dollars to store a bottle of water in a locker (you've gotta have some huge cargo pants if you can fit a standard 20 ounce bottle in a pocket)?
  10. Everything about that TR was awesome, except for the fact that you mentioned "Margaret Cho" and "funny" in the same sentence without the word "not" in front of the word "funny." I expect better from you, Robb.
  11. I wonder what the wording of the surveys was like. You can totally skew a survey to say what you want it to say very often. If it's the same worded survey they've used since 2002, however, then it's okay. But this doesn't necessarily tell the whole story. On the other hand, I do think this year, Six Flags has gotten better. Discovery Kingdom was fantastic, and even SFMM hasn't been as bad as it's been in the past (altho I'm finding it's definitely one of the poorer-run SF parks).
  12. decent YouTube vid for The Grudge 2 maze: Skip to the 2 min mark for the start of the actual maze.
  13. (btw, I'm being sarcastic w/ the "win" comment, in case you can't tell)
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