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  1. Hey guys thanks for all the responses! It gave me more than enough info to finish the paper, so I don't need anymore responses. It was exciting getting all of the responses. You guys really pulled through for me and I appreciate it!
  2. Just to see if enthusiasts knew each other well. I find it funny how everyone knows what top top few coasters SHOULD be.
  3. Wow I officially love TPR. I leave for a few hours and come back with enough to write a book! Getting answers from a big variety of people too. Freakin sweet! Thanks for your time guys!
  4. I am doing a paper in one of my classes on roller coaster enthusiasts and I was hoping Theme Park Review could pull through and help me with this project by filling out this questionnaire. I will use the responses at quotes in my paper to help fulfill the research needed. So if you could copy and paste the below questions and respond to them that would be great! I would really appreciate you time. Please answer the questions as complete as possible. Once again thank you very much for your help! _____________________________________________________________ Name: Age:
  5. That screaming match is awesome! Got to love a lively crew!!!
  6. They all are concentrating on the ride very hard. Not even water being dumped on them made them flinch. That takes a real man!
  7. Some of the older Intamin coasters have similar looking track to B&M. That ride is indeed an Intamin!
  8. Missouri Kansas Oklahoma Texas Iowa Nebraska Illinois Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Georgia Florida Puerto Rico* US Virgin Islands*
  9. The only thing missing are OTSR's... Would make this ride perfect! But this ride looks super awesome and is a ride this park really needs! Go Cedar Fair!
  10. Ok apparently I'm the only one saying this but this looks really awesome, and I'm super excited to get a ride on this thing! I think this ride is going to perform!
  11. My trip on June 29th was a pretty good one! We got to the park about 5 minutes early. It was about 10 minutes later than I wanted but it turned out to be ok. We decided that we were not going to get a flash pass for the 6 of us since looking at the crowds it didn't seem necessary. We waited about 10-15 minutes for Superman once the ride opened about 5 minutes late. I took monsterfan99's advise and hit Ragin' Cajun and Vertical Velocity early and that worked out really nice. Then we moved through the park pretty quickly with waits not being too long on Batman or Iron Wolf. We hit a little
  12. Yeah there is no way I would be able to afford the Gold Pass for six people! But thank you for the advice on what to hit early. Keep in touch on the crowds if you remember! Hope it's not too crowded due to it being the Monday before the 4th...
  13. I am going to visit Six Flags Great America on June 29th which is a Monday. I am wondering if I should purchase a Flash Pass for the six of us. This will cost $87 if I purchase them online. I am wondering if any regulars know how the crowds are on a day like this and if a Flash Pass would be necessary? I'm not sure about the prices for them at the park but the website says they are a bit more. Does anyone know how much "a bit" is? Is this something I should decide when we arrive? The group I am going with tends to "burn out" sometimes at amusement parks so it would be nice to have som
  14. Oh I was reading this in my school library and I actually had to take breaks from laughing too hard. I got some looks out of the corner of my eye. AWESOME!
  15. ^ In Germany you have to be 16 for beer and 18 for liqour (if that's what you're implying). Octoberfest and Mid-America have me drooling! Would Octoberfest include other parks in Germany or would it just be Octoberfest?
  16. Right...but keep this in mind. This is what the PARK WANTED. From my understanding the original ride was just an oval and it was S&S that talked them into at least adding the turn. You all have to remember that sometimes it's not up to the ride manufacturer, it's up to what the ride the park had ordered. --Robb I actually think just the oval makes more sense. But I guess the turn makes it seem more like a coaster.
  17. This is kind of a lame excuse for a record breaker in my eyes... I'm not really feeling it. The launch looks awesome and powerful but the breaks right after it are kind of a buzzkill. I think just a plain launch would be cooler
  18. I am 19 and my first roller coaster was Zambezi Zinger at Worlds of Fun!
  19. Hello there Title Fairy! May I ask you change mine to simply "Mamba Man"? Thank you.
  20. I loved the part with the maitanance men. Nothing like hanging out of a coaster oiling a coaster and almost slipping off of the catwalk!
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