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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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This year while the ride ops were checking the seat belts and lapbars on the Racer at PKI another totally drunken hillbilly told the ride op,


"Do you realize you're saving all these people's lives?"


that is freaking hilarious

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At CP:


- TTD was rolling back, and about three people thought it was going to crash and started running away from the track, screaming. [There ARE signs that tell you this is a normal occurance]


At Hershey:


- After riding Roller Soaker, I was confronted by a guy I had bombed. He apparently didn't understand that the ride was meant to drop water, and apparently didn't see the "YOU WILL GET WET IN THIS AREA" painted on the ground. He said, and I quote: "What the F#$%'s wrong with you? You got some major balls to be dumping $#%^ing water on people from a roller coaster! My phone won't ^@#$ing work! You got the #$%^ing money to replace it?" He then stormed off, found the nearest employee, and complained that I dumped a bottle of water off the ride. The employee looked at me and we both burst out laughing. He continued yelling at the employee, who couldn't keep a straight face. The best part is, after he finished "talking" with the employee, he pulled out his phone and called someone.


- Someone talking about Sidewinder, a Vekoma boomerang: "Why are they letting people on when it's not even finished?"


- Random ghetto guy: "Yo yo son how's your daughter son?"


At Morey's Piers:


- On the Sea Serpent: "How do they keep it from falling through the boardwalk?"


- Outside the Nor'Easter "Let's go on the Alpengeist!"


At Dorney:


- Getting on Steel Force:

1: "What the hell's that bar there for?"

2: "You're supposed to hold on to it, duh"

1: "I can't hold onto it right! It feels uncomforatble! Wait...Okay! It moves!"


A few seconds later:

"Why won't it go back up?"


I felt like strangling them. Too bad that mysterious bar doesn't go back up....

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Friend: "I went to SFOT and rode this ride called Titan which is like Goliath at SFMM but so much taller and faster."


Dad: :::stares at Goliath::: "Wow, that ride has a loop on its side, is that possible?"


Another Friend: "Dude, S:TE once went backwards through the station and broke off the track and started rolling down the hill with people in it. That's why they never run the left side anymore."


People in Valencia: "You can't go to SFMM anymore, it's closed."


Kid: (Standing in about a 1 hour line for TTD) Says to me, "Hey man, you're brave enough to take on the Dragster? You're my main man, I'm glad to finally meet someone else brave enough!"

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Wow, theres some funny stories here, i know a few (probarly not as funny but still funny):


Waiting in line for Tonnerre De Zeus (the CCI woodie) at Parc Asterix this french guy goes like "What?!?! this one doesn't have any "loops"???" i wanna go ride Goudurix (the Vekoma death machine).


Yesterday at Walibi Belgium: you wait in line for Turbine while we go ride the "Six Flags" (goes to the log flume).


I thought that was pretty funny.

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Every time I go to SFGAM, I always hear someone in line for Viper/Bull:


"Let's sit in the back since it is the fastest."


I also heard a guy in line for Viper say it was for Bull. That didn't annoy me so much since the coasters ar next to one another.

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"I'm not waiting with all these pee-ons, I have a VIP pass."


-Some jerk walking up the exit with his friend this morning while we were heading for the Flash Pass line on Tatsu... apparently they had VIP Thrill Passes or something.


Funny thing about this was:

1) There was maybe a 2 hour line and no one in Flash Pass... he randomly said this as we were walking up the exit, trying to make people feel bad. Jerk.

2) When we got off the ride, he was still waiting. Hahaha, serves you right.

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Talking to a semi-coaster addicted friend at work:

Friend: "Yea, they changed Vertical Velocity (SFMW) because of heavy winds...did you see when that track swayed?

Me: "Actually, SFMW has a 150 foot height limit, V2 was over 180 feet. The had to modify it to be within it's boundaries. Other V2 clones are still vertical"

Friend: "But they're not in earth quake country..."


I then explained how they reinforced other impulses due to too much stress on the track.

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About the back of the train traveling faster...


In fact, at many points of the track, the back of the train is travelling faster than the front of the train when the front was at that point. Case in point: El Toro's first drop. The front travels down at a leisurely speed and the back gets yanked down.

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"That kiddie coaster's riding it's brakes."


(Talking to some guy at SCBB last month) "Belmont's Giant Dipper is the sister to our Giant Dipper: It's just a mirror image and it uses the same type of trains."

Atleast he got the train parts right. SoCal's GD layout's completely different.


"After the lift, the ride's powered by gravity, right?" (Conversation about power going out with my cousin)


"Yea, The Edge (PGA) had a brake failure and flew off the edge of the track and killed people."


"Some guy slipped out some on the Demon and hit his head on part of the surrounding rocks."


Funny thing was that I believed those so-called accidents when I was little, but then again I didn't know any better either.

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My friends' general public quotes from back when I was a mindless 12 year old that was all "MONTU R0X, OMG!!!!1111111"


My friend and I looking at Scorpion;


Friend: I heard Scorpion's loop collapsed a few years ago.

Me: Is that why they are tightening up the bolts on the loop?


And one on Tanganyika Tidal Wave (Shoot-the-Chutes ride);


Friend: A few years ago, a boat capsized in the splash area.

Me: Why?

Friend: Because the brakes are always on heavy.


Needless to say, I believed it, but I rode Scorpion anyways. Same with Tidal Wave...

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I was in line on GASM at SFGADV while KK was down and a bunch of teens behind me were telliing everyone (and they were serious) that it's closed because of all the people getting their necks broken on the ride, and they insisted it was at least 3 or 4 people. Naturally, everyone around us bought into it and passed the story around. I assured my kids that if this happened (which it didn't) the lawyers would have the thing hauled off to the scrap heap.



All that chatter about the speed being different depending where you sit in the trains is always funny, as if the train were a giant slinky. But not many people know the difference between velocity and acceleration anyway and don't care, but continue to use the terminology in expert fashion.

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Standing outside of Holiday World:


Hick girl: "Raven's pretty tall, I think it's nine feet tall."

Inbred brother/lover: "Well it's taller than the Legend right?"

Sex partner/sister: "No, Legend's gotta be ten feet tall."

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This happened yesterday when I was at Thorpe Park. It wasn't funny, but stupid and irritating instead.


A guy and his girlfriend are waiting ahead of us in the separate line for the front row on Nemesis Inferno. They get in and pull down the restraints. But when the ride-op comes around to check the restraints and seatbelts the girl suddenly decides she's too scared to ride in the front and makes them unlock the front row again so they can get off. This holds up the train for about 5 min. Then, after they've dispatched the train she decides she's not to scared to ride after all so they get on the next train instead in the third row.

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Allright these things pissed me off:


Girl taking about KingDa Ka in GASM's Line- " You you can't build a drop vertical"

Mother- "Why not"

Girl- "Because it could fall down"

Mother- "Really i never heard that"

Girl- "Well yeah you can't do it in RCT1""So I think KingDa Ka will be torn down"

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My friend told us once that Ninja (SFMM) had to be closed because the train got stuck upside down. My other (coasterobsessed) friend and I spent an hour convincing her that it really can't go upside-down, much less get stuck like that.

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