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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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At Six Flags St. Louis last year, we were on line for Batman the Ride, when a clueless GP looks at us and says, "Where's the exit?" We weren't even at the station yet!


"Clueless?" Your post came off as really condescending, just like most of the posts in this thread. I'll just leave this idiotic gem here:


On Wild West Falls at Warner Bros. Movie World, I shouted "FIST ME DADDY!!" during the big drop.


During Bizarro at GAdv this year, I shouted "MIND WYRMMS!"

So what if I was an idiot at Warner Bros. Movie World? That was from my phase where I was a little too immature. OK? I thought that was funny at the time, and I thought it was worthy enough to post there, but judging by the reactions to it, it seems like it isn't and I realize how bad it really was. We're done here.

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YouTube comment: "My math teacher said that her favorite coaster was shockwave and her second favorite was anaconda. She said her lease favorite was twister timbers"


Reply to that comment: "The twisted timbers is garbage. They need to tear that monstrosity down and rebuild the hurler."


This planet is doomed. Didn't realize Twisted Timbers was leased. I figured Cedar Fair owned it.

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